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MEDIA ALERT – Black Tech Founders and Leaders Share What’s Ahead for the Innovation Economy at The Plug’s Q4 Summit

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The Plug:


What tech trends will shape the next 10 years and how do we ensure they are inclusive and accessible?

  • The Summit provides a forum for contextualizing the trends shaping the growing Black innovation economy amid the backdrop of a future-forward technical society, providing a lens for leaders across ecosystems to place big bets.
  • “With nearly 20 Black tech conferences having been canceled or postponed amid COVID-19, the switch to virtual offers a new lifeline for us to connect about an inclusive tech future, says Sherrell Dorsey, founder of The Plug. “Given most tech companies do not audit for diversity, it results in an inaccurate measurement of the right opportunities. We believe The Q4 Summit will provide answers, actions and solutions to do so.”


The Plug will bring together more than two dozen tech founders and leaders for thoughtful discussions, lightning talks, and keynotes distilling inclusive sociotechnical representation across industries such as gaming, biotechnology, cloud computing, clean energy, AI, and ethics.

Featured Speakers include:

  • Sevetri Wilson, Resilia
  • Justin Dawkins, Collab Capital
  • Regine Gilbert, NYU School of Engineering
  • Seyi Fabode, Varuna
  • Sheena Allen, CapWay
  • Kelley O. Cambry, Blue Studios
  • Anthony Frasier, ABF Creative
  • Charles Kuykendoll, PlayVS


Thursday, October 22, 2020 – 10:30am to 3:30pm EST



About The Plug

The Plug was launched by Sherrell Dorsey in 2016 as the first daily tech newsletter curating the top news of Black founders and innovators. Today, they investigate and report on Black tech trends, stories, and breaking news with the rigor and analysis that won’t be found elsewhere.


For more information and to register for the Summit, visit or contact Rochelle Turner at or (609) 280.9733 (Members of the press register for free with your email address.)