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MediaPRO Releases New Training Focused on Looming California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

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MediaPRO, a leading provider of security and privacy awareness training,
announced today the release of new employee training focused on the data
privacy requirements and responsibilities within the looming California
Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Companies doing business in the state of California that include the
collection, use, or selling of consumers’ personal information will be
required to comply with the CCPA effective January 1, 2020. This
regulation carries important obligations — and penalties for
noncompliance — for affected organizations.

Industry research shows as many as 86
percent of U.S. companies describe CCPA compliance as a
with MediaPRO’s 2019
Eye on Privacy Report
finding that 46% of U.S. employees
have never heard of the regulation. Though eight months from the
compliance deadline, privacy professionals at impacted companies are
likely to have their hands full preparing for the CCPA.

MediaPRO’s CCPA training emphasizes the importance of the personal data
rights the CCPA bestows on California residents. Using interactive
elements and real-life scenarios, the training teaches employees what
constitutes personal information, how the CCPA dictates personal data of
California residents should be handled, and the consequences of failing
to comply with these requirements.

Beyond following the letter of the law, the goal of the training is to
instill a sense of responsibility for data privacy that employees can
carry beyond the office.

“Our CCPA training was built to align with the new California law, but
it goes beyond mere compliance to provide employees with the
foundational skills they’ll need to protect personal information, no
matter how the laws change,” MediaPRO’s Chief Learning Officer Tom
Pendergast said. “Today, privacy is so important — and laws are changing
so rapidly — that it’s critical for employees to develop the skills
needed to protect private information.”

MediaPRO’s CCPA training will come bundled with the company’s Privacy
Awareness TrainingPack
, a comprehensive suite of privacy awareness
training courses and reinforcement materials, such as videos and posters.

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