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Medical Economics® Releases Exclusive Results of 2019 Electronic Health Records Scorecard

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Medical Economics®, a multimedia platform that provides resources for physicians that include practice management tips, health technology and expert voices, released the results of its annual 2019 Electronic Health Records (EHR) Scorecard, a comprehensive survey of 1,100 independent and employed physicians.

“The results of the 2019 Medical Economics® EHR Scorecard provide further evidence to support what physicians have been telling us for years: EHR vendors, and the government that regulates and credentials them, must do a better job of engaging with physicians when designing and improving these crucial systems,” said Chris Mazzolini, editorial director of Medical Economics®. “Physicians need EHRs that are useable, can talk to each other and generally make their day easier so they can improve patient outcomes in today’s complex health care landscape.”

While EHR adoption among physicians is widespread, survey results indicate that the majority remain dissatisfied with their current systems. About 60% of the surveyed physicians said they would not purchase the same EHR system if they could start the process over. Still, most practices are not considering switching, citing the hassle of potential workflow disruptions and cost associated with changing systems as major deterrents.

When asked about the perceived impact that EHR had on patient care, roughly 45% of respondents stated that their current system had mostly harmed or slightly harmed the quality of care provided within their practice rather than improving it.

“The Medical Economics® EHR Scorecard is invaluable in understanding one of the lesser-known challenges facing physicians today. As the health care industry becomes more digital, it is important to be conscious of the impact these advancements have on the quality of patient care,” said Mike Hennessy Jr., president and CEO of MJH Life Sciences™.

The release of the 2019 Medical Economics® EHR Scorecard marks the publication’s seventh year conducting this exclusive survey. Each year, physicians from a wide range of specialties are polled to gauge their feelings about EHRs and to rate their own systems on multiple criteria, including customer service, productivity and system implementation.

For a full breakdown of the survey results, click here.

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