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Mediphore Set to Revolutionize Healthcare Industry with Newly-Patented Technology

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Mediphore Inc., a healthcare technology startup, announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued U.S. Patent No. 10,810,550, a patent that covers fundamental elements of Mediphore’s process coordination framework. Using this patented technology, Mediphore seeks to address and eliminate substantial process inefficiencies within the healthcare industry in innovative and cost-effective ways.

The patent is for the Process Interoperability Platform (PIPCO), a pioneering technology that can coordinate, analyze, and restructure process interactions across all participants in a variety of industry domains. PIPCO is designed to foster interoperability: it can instantly access and share information regardless of location, formatting, and content. Furthermore, Mediphore’s technology can execute these actions by simply linking to the data, rather than uploading it to the cloud. Mediphore is working to deploy PIPCO specifically to the healthcare industry to simplify and streamline medical process interactions. Despite its complexity, this technological innovation allows for a plug-and-play implementation that is non-disruptive to current healthcare systems. Built on a stringent security framework, it also adheres to all global compliance and regulatory requirements. Using this cutting-edge technology, Mediphore has the power to dramatically reduce the costs and time involved in healthcare processes.

“I expect Mediphore to fundamentally change the healthcare industry with its revolutionary technology,” said Dr. Steven K. Magid, the Chief Medical Information Officer and an Attending Physician at a leading New York City Hospital. “As a physician, I believe that Mediphore can bring about dramatic improvements in patient care and experience. Imagine having the most up-to-date images and labs at your fingertips no matter where the care is rendered. Consider the millions of hours that will be saved by patients, providers, and insurance companies if information no longer has to be exchanged through numerous letters, emails, and faxes, but could instead be integrated seamlessly into your workflow. The possibilities with Mediphore are extraordinary and endless.”

About Mediphore, Inc.

Powered by its patented technology, Mediphore aims to transform the healthcare industry by optimizing the experience of each participant, be it a patient, a medical care provider, an insurance company, or a governmental authority. Mediphore is in the process of filing for additional patents for more of its technological innovations and is set to deploy its technology worldwide.