Press release

MediPick Ready to Solve Prescription Medicine Run-around

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A Queensland-based software developer has offered to help the federal government with its aim of delivering a system that will enable patients to have prescriptions completed and filed electronically with a nearby pharmacy and home delivered, all without the patient having to leave their home.

MediPick director Jarrod Sierocki said his company had developed a prescription management system that can respond to the current COVID-19 crisis and bring all parties together in the prescription process, from the doctor to the patient and the pharmacy, all under one platform.

“Our fully digitised prescription program is ready to meet the government’s requirements for the introduction of electronic prescriptions to beat the virus threat,” Mr. Sierocki said.

“We’ve worked hard to develop a system which represents a digital transformation of the current laborious prescription process.

“From the initial consultation, either in person or via telehealth, the doctor securely signs and uploads the prescription to MediPick. The patient accesses the script from the MediPick app, chooses a pharmacy within a 5km radius where they can collect their medication or take advantage of home delivery for added comfort and safety.

“The app and software platform manages all payments and operates effectively as a click and collect cashless transaction system.”

Mr. Sierocki said that MediPick has been patented here in Australia and overseas and has been fully tested.

He said the current process for prescribing and collecting prescription medication has been in operation for decades and involves unnecessary wait times, lost or misplaced scripts, medicine not always being available at all pharmacies, and limited knowledge of price options available.

MediPick eliminates these issues and provides multiple benefits for patients, doctors and pharmacies including:


  • Saving money – provides choice based on price and availability of generic and brand prescription medication
  • Saves time – provides options for pharmacy pick-up or home delivery where available
  • Convenience of cashless transaction (click and collect)
  • Secure virtual storage of repeats and refills with notification alerts. No lost repeats and unnecessary trips to the doctor

Doctors/medical practice

  • Eliminates written and printed paper scripts, saving on wastage
  • Automated patient scheduling, reminders and notifications allowing patients to manage their own medical wellbeing
  • An algorithm-based tool to notify users of a projected date for refill and repeat requirements based on expected depletion rates, to further streamline scheduling processes
  • Stops patients returning for lost repeats


  • Pre-payment saving time at the point of purchase, and money with merchant fees incorporated in MediPick’s transaction charge
  • Improving efficiency by having a digital queue of online orders
  • Automated logging of prescription data means no more manual data entry of drugs prescribed
  • Automatic inventory upload to MediPick which for stock control and availability based on “real demand” supplied by MediPick means better inventory management and more efficient working capital allocations

Mr. Sierocki said in addition that MediPick offered significant public health benefits.

“This will provide significant savings to Medicare each year and help reduce strain on the health system through better management of scripts and unnecessary doctor’s visits,” he said.

“MediPick also provides alerts in regard to outbreaks of contagious diseases or other advices and provides valuable data to public health authorities to analyse prescription medicine issues including funding of the PBS.”