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MEDISCA Receives Official Rating as “Compliant” by Health Canada and Offers Solutions to Canadian Drug Shortage.

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After performing a three-day rigorous inspection measuring MEDISCA’s compliance in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and other standards for quality control, Health Canada has distinguished MEDISCA with a “Compliant” rating. As a supplier of raw ingredients and products to create personalized compounded medications, compliance in all areas of operation is essential for patient safety and will prove vital in answering the call to minimize drug shortage problems in the country.

With over 2,000 drugs currently listed by Health Canada as being in shortage and a worldwide concern for industry disruption, MEDISCA will continue to play an integral role in ensuring patient access to medications. A recent FDA report on drug shortages explained that, “over the past two decades, the drug supply chain has become longer, more complex and fragmented”i. When issues in the supply chain interrupt the process of obtaining medication through traditional suppliers, the medical world turns to companies like MEDISCA to fill in the gaps.

“We are proud that this Health Canada rating and our ongoing compliance strategies allow us the opportunity to offer reliable turnkey solutions to meet patient’s needs,” said Anna Di Nezza, Director of Quality at MEDISCA. “We make significant investments to ensure we are complying with all regulatory requirements in the 45 countries in which we do business.”

MEDISCA was founded in Quebec in 1989 and maintains a Drug Establishment License with over 160 APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients). An active leader in pharmacy compounding worldwide, MEDISCA’s vision is to be the global standard bearer for quality, innovation and service in the compounding industry.

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