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Meggitt Training Systems to Highlight Irrefutable, Life-Saving Benefits of Virtual Training Through Georgia State Study

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Meggitt Training Systems, the leading provider of integrated live-fire and virtual weapons training products and services, will dramatically increase its presence for the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) 126th Annual Conference and Exposition on October 26-29 in Chicago. The company will highlight a new customer study that reinforces the value of simulator training, demonstrate an unprecedented 10 lanes of 3D marksmanship, and display a replica century-old Tommy gun from the National Law Enforcement Museum (NLEM) that harkens back to an infamously wild era in the history of crime and policing.

The Georgia Public Safety Training Center (GPSTC) will present its findings on the efficacy of virtual trainers on October 28 at 12:00 pm in the Solutions Presentation Theatre. The study is based on data generated by several recent classes and then analyzed by officials from the Georgia facility, which is used by state and local public safety agencies. Those unable to attend the GPSTC briefing can visit Meggitt booth 1030 for additional briefing times and dates. Copies of the findings will be available as well.

“Meggitt Training Systems applauds the GPSTC for undertaking this study to further validate the importance of virtual training in law enforcement, especially for high-stress and deadly force encounters,” said Matt Cunningham, Meggitt’s director of virtual systems sales. “At a time when police training is under sustained and unprecedented scrutiny, this survey will serve as a clarion call to police departments to put the best technology in the hands of their trainers. Meggitt systems improve law enforcement performance by providing the most advanced training for marksmanship and use of force, so I encourage IACP attendees to attend GPSTC’s event or come to the Meggitt booth for a briefing.”

In the booth, Meggitt will display two FATS® 100LE virtual simulators configured side by side for training up to 10 shooters simultaneously. The FATS 100LE features military-grade marksmanship capabilities enabled by ballistics certified by the US Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center. Police-specific features include 3D marksmanship training, wireless tablet control with automatic coaching, and an intuitive unified interface across all training modes for ease-of-use and reduction in training requirements. Consistent with its premium positioning, the FATS 100LE also features multi-screen capability, enhanced visuals and multiple weapons per trainee, including wireless BlueFire® M4, Glock 17, TASER® and OC spray weapons on display at IACP. On-site installation and training are provided by Meggitt personnel to ensure the industry’s most sophisticated use-of-force simulator is ready for optimal use.

Meggitt’s live-fire division will exhibit the following products:

  • The XWT GEN4 wireless target carrier builds on the industry’s first wireless, 360º turning system. The XWT GEN4 uses a lithium ion battery with a positive locking connection and ergonomic placement, providing a 50% increase in battery watt hours. The new docking system improves contact design for faster, more reliable charging; that means more time using the XWT GEN4 and less time charging it. Programmable distraction lighting integrates red, blue and white LEDs with four times the brightness of previous models.
  • The GranTrap™ granulated rubber bullet trap utilizes soft media to stop incoming rounds and capture them predominantly intact. This minimizes airborne lead dust, averts back-splatter and ricochet, and minimizes impact noise. The result is a cleaner and safer environment for shooting ranges, maximizing bullet recovery and recycling processes.

Finally, Meggitt’s booth will host an important artifact from the National Law Enforcement Museum, consistent with the company’s role as a major sponsor at the Defenders of Freedom level. Booth visitors can view a replica of a Thompson Submachine Gun, nicknamed the Tommy Gun, donated to the NLEM by the J. Edgar Hoover Foundation.

“Meggitt Training Systems has been incredibly valuable to the National Law Enforcement Museum. Because of this partnership, visitors can learn about the role of law enforcement by getting a taste of the training they do,” noted Chelsea Hansen, curator at the NLEM. “The museum is happy to loan a Thompson Submachine Gun replica to be displayed at Meggitt’s IACP booth. This type of firearm was commonly used during the 1920s and 1930s by law enforcement and criminals alike. Back then, officers did not have the safety training technologies they do today, so hopefully the replica Tommy Gun can reinforce the importance of technologies like those from Meggitt Training Systems.”

To schedule a meeting with a Meggitt Training Systems representative at IACP 2019, visit booth #1030 or schedule an appointment at

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Meggitt Training Systems, makers of FATS® and Caswell technologies, a division of Meggitt PLC, is the leading supplier of integrated live-fire and virtual weapons training systems. Following the acquisition of FATS® virtual training systems and Caswell International’s live-fire ranges and services, Meggitt Training Systems continues to grow its capabilities based on the legacy of these two industry leaders. Over 13,600 Meggitt live-fire ranges and 5,100 virtual systems are fielded internationally, providing judgmental, situational awareness and marksmanship training to the armed forces, law enforcement and security organizations.

Meggitt Training Systems employs more than 400 people at its headquarters in Atlanta and at facilities in Orlando, Canada, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, UAE, Australia and Singapore. It can deploy service personnel anywhere in the world for instructor training, system installation and maintenance.

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