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Melanie McFaddin with Wiley Bros. – Aintree Capital, LLC Represents MMY Consulting, Inc. in its Merger with Global Commerce & Information, Inc.

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Melanie McFaddin, Representative of Wiley Bros. – Aintree Capital, LLC (“WBAC”) is pleased to announce its representation of MMY Consulting, Inc. (“MMY”) in its merger with Global Commerce & Information, Inc. (“Global CI”)

MMY, founded in 2003 and headquartered in Indianapolis, has a 17-year track record of delivering high-value, technology-focused projects, on time and on budget, increasing organization productivity and improving operational efficiencies for some of the nation’s largest healthcare organizations. Global CI, founded in 1992 and headquartered in Baltimore, provides leading health IT, cybersecurity and cloud strategies and solutions to Government agencies. It has a rich heritage in Interoperability, AI, ML, DevOps, DevSecOps, Quality Management, Elite Enterprise Architecture and analysis of large volumes of medical data.

“MMY offers an exciting opportunity for Global CI to strengthen and expand its service offerings in the commercial Healthcare market,” explained Mike Ziman, founder and CEO of Global CI. “With a range of high-profile clients, the acquisition of MMY supports the strategy of taking its award-winning IT solutions into this space.”

“Ms. McFaddin’s role in advising and supporting us through the entire process exceeded our expectations. She possesses a deep knowledge of the industry which combined with her strong industry contacts and substantial deal experience gave us comfort that we were being well-represented,” said Bill Monachino, President and CEO of MMY. “When you combine this with her personal dedication and commitment, she was instrumental in helping us attain our business and personal goals.”

About Melanie McFaddin and Wiley Bros. – Aintree Capital, LLC

Wiley Bros.- Aintree Capital, LLC, is a 75-year-old firm located in Nashville, TN. Over the last 75 years the firm has focused on investment brokerage and underwriting municipal bonds for utility districts in the state of Tennessee. Ms. McFaddin has spent that last approximate 25 years in M&A working for entrepreneurs who own middle-market companies that provide IT staffing, consulting and solutions; management consulting; digital transformation; IT and HR MSP/BPO; professional staffing; and the software toolsets that touch these spaces. She is a licensed 79 investment banker who possesses both a BBA and an MBA from the Bauer College of Business at The University of Houston. Please visit or for more information.