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Melanie McFaddin with Wiley Bros. – Aintree Capital, LLC Represents Vanick Group in its Acquisition by ProKarma

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Melanie McFaddin, Representative of Wiley Bros. – Aintree Capital, LLC (“WBAC”) is pleased to announce its representation of Vanick Group (“Vanick”) in its sale to ProKarma. Vanick is a multi-facet digital transformation firm that is well-known in tech consulting for providing API strategy/services that drive digital transformation and business growth. Its Fifty Seven Pounds and TOTUS brands are leaders in Martech stack integration & Multi-Channel marketing communication, respectively. ProKarma is a global digital services company that delivers design-engineered strategy, technology and operations. Vanick employees based in Memphis and Nashville, TN, Raleigh, NC, and Hermosillo, Mexico, will join ProKarma, enabling ProKarma to expand its presence in the southeastern US and build on its recent expansion into Mexico.

“Having been active in M&A in the IT services space for going on 25 years, I possess unique insight in, knowledge of, and relationships with the various players in the space and so was able to tailor a targeted approach to the Vanick owners,” said Ms. McFaddin. “This knowledge, when combined with a detailed examination of the business and the owners’ goal and objectives and my years of valuing and structuring deals in the space, meant that I could source not only a wonderful qualitative fit, but also a quantitative one.”

“Ms. McFaddin did an exceptional job at identifying a strategic buyer for our business,” said Jim Van de Vuurst, Founder and President of Vanick. “She took the time to really understand what our business and personal goals were, and found a perfect match.”

About Melanie McFaddin and Wiley Bros. – Aintree Capital, LLC

WBAC is a 70-year-old firm located in Nashville, TN. Over the last 70 years, the firm has focused on investment brokerage services and underwriting municipal bonds for utility districts in the state of Tennessee. Ms. McFaddin has spent the last approximate 25 years in M&A working for entrepreneurs who own middle-market companies that provide IT staffing, consulting and solutions; management consulting; digital transformation; IT and HR MSP/BPO; professional staffing; and the software toolsets that touch these spaces. She is a licensed 79 investment banker who possesses both a BBA and an MBA from the Bauer College of Business at The University of Houston. Please visit or for more information.