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MERJ Exchange Partners with CurioInvest to Take Tokenized Supercars to Stock Market

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One of the world’s most exclusive asset classes is set to become accessible to investors worldwide thanks to a partnership between hybrid stock exchange MERJ Exchange and supercar tokenization platform CurioInvest.

Rare and luxury cars have consistently been among the world’s best performers, beating traditional assets as well as fine art, wine and jewellery. Over a five- and ten-year period, vintage cars have outperformed all other collectible assets, with returns of 91% and 288%, according to the latest Knight Frank Luxury Investment Wealth Report.

The listings could bring up to 500 tokenized cars worth over $200 million onto a stock exchange compliant with the highest regulatory standards. Stored and maintained in a vault in Stuttgart, the first supercar on the slate will be a $1.1 million Ferrari F12tdf. Ferraris currently account for 60% of cars sold for over US $5 million. Until now, the exclusive preserve of the world’s super rich, CurioInvest’s listings will be investable with one dollar.

MERJ Exchange is creating a bridge between digital and non-digital securities by providing investors with a fully regulated and licensed exchange, operating to IOSCO standards with traditional market hallmarks, such as ISIN codes.

“MERJ Exchange is the only regulated market globally that can support digital securities like this,” said Jim Needham, head of strategy at MERJ Exchange. “CurioInvest has identified pent up demand from hedge funds and wealth managers. Through MERJ Exchange, CurioInvest can create an access point for these investors that is compliant from end to end.”

“Most investors have had to sit and watch as elite asset classes outperformed equities and bonds,” said Fernando Verboonen, Founder and CEO of CurioInvest. “CurioInvest and MERJ offer these investors a unique way to access these assets, tokenized on a distributed ledger, and available on traditional securities markets infrastructure. This is the best of all worlds.”

ABOUT MERJ: MERJ Exchange Limited operates an integrated securities exchange, clearing house and depository. An affiliate of the World Federation of Exchanges and full member of ANNA.

ABOUT CURIOINVEST: Curio Limited is a technology-enabled platform allowing individuals to invest in top-tier collectables at low minimums and fees. Finalist at the UBS Future of Finance competition and a top pick at Disrupt Berlin 2019.