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Metapack Launches Delivery Tracker to Help Global Retailers Create Best-in-Class Delivery Experiences and Inspire Repeat Business

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Metapack, the global leader in eCommerce delivery technology, today launched Metapack Delivery Tracker, a new branded tracking portal designed to improve customer delivery experience, reduce delivery inquiries and increase customer lifetime value for global retailers and brands. Delivery Tracker seamlessly integrates into any online shopping environment and allows consumers to monitor the delivery status of their parcels in 17 languages for over 470 carriers worldwide, all without leaving the retailer’s site. Delivery Tracker also works as a powerful retailer marketing tool, displaying customized promotional offers and messages that bring customers back into the purchase cycle.

“For many online retailers, customer communication ends at the order confirmation email and we believe that’s a missed opportunity. At Metapack, our goal is to create a seamless branded experience from checkout to tracking to delivery to returns. Delivery Tracker goes a long way to delivering on that promise,” said Duncan Licence, VP of Global Product at Metapack. “With Delivery Tracker, we’ve enhanced the tracking experience to give consumers more visibility, simpler status messages and a more positive delivery experience overall.”

Fully integrated with over 350,000 “Buy Online, Pick-Up in Store” locations

Delivery Tracker comes fully loaded with delivery data and custom status messages for over 350,000 Pick-Up/Drop-off (PUDO) locations worldwide. Any retailer can load data for their stores seamlessly. Delivery Tracker informs customers when their order is “ready for pick-up” and provides the customer with the pickup location, store hours and contact information. It’s a powerful tool to help retailers boost store traffic and incremental sales.

Built-in marketing features increase revenue and repeat business

Delivery Tracker allows brands and retailers to promote products via ads within the delivery tracking platform. This creates an untapped revenue stream that was non-existent when retailers would send customers to the parcel carrier page to get delivery status.

A seamless brand experience from store to cart to delivery and back

Delivery Tracker allows retailers to maintain a consistent brand experience throughout the entire customer life cycle, while keeping the customer on the retailer site to track a parcel.

Easy implementation into any eCommerce environment

Delivery Tracker focuses on usability, accessibility and device responsiveness, ensuring that retailers can deploy a best-in-class product that covers every stage of the delivery tracking journey. The portal is designed specifically to offer a beautiful, frictionless experience.

Benefits to Consumers:

• Real-time tracking for 470+ carriers and 5,000+ services in 220+ countries and territories

• Buy Online, Pick-Up In Store (BOPIS) support for 350,000+ PUDO locations

• Standardized delivery status messages, regardless of the carrier

• Delivery status messages translated into 17 languages

Benefits to Online Retailers:

• Create a consistent branded experience from checkout to delivery

• Reduce costly and time-consuming “Where is my order” (WISMO) calls

• Improve Customer Satisfaction by improving delivery visibility

• Increase revenue with custom promotional content and links

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About Metapack

Founded in 1999, Metapack helps eCommerce and delivery professionals meet consumers’ growing expectations of delivery, while maintaining and optimising operational efficiency. Metapack’s SaaS solution offers a wide range of personalised delivery services, from global order tracking to simplified return procedures, through a catalogue of 470 carriers and 5,000 services available that span every country in the world. Thanks to Metapack, more than 550 million packages are sent annually by many of the world’s leading eCommerce retailers. Metapack is a wholly-owned subsidiary of (Nasdaq: STMP).