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MetroCapital Fund, a New Real Estate Investment Fund in Miami, Florida, Offers Opportunities to Diversify Investment Portfolios

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MetroCapital Fund is a Regulation D real estate investment online platform allowing investors to gain access to strong urban U.S. markets, and participate in high-demand opportunities. Accredited investors can invest a minimum of $50,000, with targeted 16 percent annualized returns for a minimum of 12 months. Visit for details.

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MetroCapital Fund is an exclusive capital raising platform for Metronomic, a sustainable real estate development company based in Miami Florida. “Our model is reliable, transparent, and profitable; and we’re committed to our mission of transforming communities by enhancing the quality of life in the neighborhoods we serve – true ‘impact investing’,” says Ricky Trinidad, President of Metronomic.

The fund provides attractive returns with low risk due to Metronomic’s proven model that creates new middle-income rental infill projects within strong urban areas. “We are not selling condos, which can be sensitive to market changes; we construct new rental buildings that are easy to lease and manage, and that average-income people can afford. Our rental units are in very high demand as soon as we finish each new building. We quickly refinance these buildings to pay off our investors upon completion,” clarifies Mr. Trinidad.

MetroCapital Fund is a Delaware corporation established July 6, 2017 and based in Miami, FL, USA. The company is solely owned and managed by Metronomic, and all capital raises are exclusively for Metronomic’s development projects located within strong urban markets of the United States.

The fund’s current capital raise is limited to 11 specific Metronomic development projects, and the offerings will close as soon as the target capital raise amount per project is achieved. The capital raises open and close as necessary, so prospective investors are promptly informed of every new opportunity when they register free at MetroCapital Fund, where they can also view the current open investment opportunities.

ABOUT METRONOMIC Metronomic is a sustainable real estate development company based in Miami, FL focused on enhancing the communities it serves while generating a significant return on investments. Its core values are centered on social and economic improvement, community development, local collaboration, and exemplifying industry standards. Visit