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MetroClick/faytech Launches Sanitization Kiosk with Thermal Sensing for Retail, Hospitality and Travel Companies

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Consumers are demanding highly visible and robust safety measures in order to resume shopping, eating out at restaurants and traveling again in the coming months. Stores and restaurants must proactively provide both sanitizer dispensers and clear guidance and information to patrons upon entering the premises. MetroClick/faytech, the creator of dynamic interactive digital experiences, is introducing the Sanitization Station, a kiosk that performs both tasks.

The MetroClick/faytech Sanitization Station features a sanitizer dispenser, a lab-validated a lab-validated antibacterial/antiviral 22” touchscreen, a temperature scanner, a motion sensor and a built-in camera and media player . The kiosk provides real-time, customizable brand content and broadcast news and weather, as well as social media feeds. It also includes a long-lasting, rechargeable battery and power cord, and a complete range of analytics and targeted reporting options.

“These next few months are critical for many retail, restaurant and travel companies in terms of ensuring consumers that they’re protected, so they need to engage in constant communication with their customers when it comes to staying healthy. By combining the hand sanitizing unit with an interactive touchscreen that also displays the very latest information, the Sanitization Station interacts shoppers, diners and travelers in a way that is efficient, clear and safe,” said Taylor Miller, Partner and COO at MetroClick/faytech NA.

The Sanitization Station also includes options such as new lab-validated antimicrobial screens that are highly effective against harmful viruses and bacteria such as Coronavirus, C. Diff, MRSA and E. Coli for extra shopper comfort.

“The Sanitization Station provides reassuring messages and valuable information to customers looking for reassurance during a complicated time. Receiving instructions on how best to manage their time in the location or other similar details while cleaning their hands can only be a comfort to them,” said Jesse Cooper, Partner and CEO at MetroClick/faytech NA.

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