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MicroPact adds an Anti-Harassment Solution to Its Human Capital Management Suite

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MicroPact, the passion and technology that’s transforming government,
today announced ETK Anti-Harassment, a SaaS-based case management
application that helps government agencies to track, report on, and take
steps to prevent harassment. Built on the entellitrak®
, ETK Anti-Harassment allows organizations to manage
harassment claims and investigations. This enables federal agencies to
comply with the anti-harassment provisions in EEOC’s Management
Directive 715 as part of their Title VII and Rehabilitation Act programs.

ETK Anti-Harassment automates the processing of both general and
type-specific harassment complaints. It handles every stage of the
complaint process, from receipt through investigation to decision. It
manages appeals and reconsiderations as well. ETK Anti-Harassment also
aids in identifying problem areas, allowing agencies to take
preventative action to ensure a harassment-free workplace.

“Employers are responsible for providing a workplace free from all kinds
of harassment,” said Kris Collo, MicroPact President. “ETK
Anti-Harassment helps agencies process claims efficiently, protects the
identity of complainants, and creates reports that put a spotlight on
areas that might be causing problems. And because it is a SaaS
application, it is easy to get up and running quickly.”

EEOC Management Directive 715 requires federal agencies to have
documented policies and procedures for reporting harassment, a system
for providing a prompt, thorough, and impartial investigation, and a
method to keep the identity of complainants and witnesses confidential
to the extent possible. ETK Anti-Harassment enables agencies to comply
with these requirements while providing an efficient resolution to
harassment complaints.

ETK Anti-Harassment features an optional online portal for complainants
and witnesses to report harassment. This protects the anonymity of the
individuals filing complaints, which may increase the usage and the
success of anti-harassment programs. Formal grievance programs currently
in place can fail to meet their full mandate when employees perceive
that they will be ineffective or lead to retaliation. Anonymous filing
with ETK Anti-Harassment mitigates those concerns.

ETK Anti-Harassment is the newest part of the entellitrak-based Human
Capital Management solution suite, which also includes:

  • ETK Reasonable Accommodation
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Labor Relations
  • Employee Relations
  • Civil Rights (Title VI, Title IX)

Architected for the public sector and FedRAMPSM certified,
the entellitrak platform powers case management solutions for federal
and state agencies across the United States. MicroPact solutions process
90% of all federal EEO complaints.


For more than four decades, MicroPact has focused on delivering
powerful, adaptive, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions to the
public sector. Today MicroPact solutions serve 98% of U.S. states, 97%
of federal agencies with 500 or more employees, and enjoy a 97% annual
renewal rate. MicroPact, the passion and technology that’s transforming

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