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Midea’s COLMO Series Wins 2019 IFA Product Technical Innovation Awards

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Midea’s COLMO series received two gold-level IFA Product Technical Innovation Awards at IFA 2019 held in Berlin on September 9. Issued by the International Data Group (IDG) and the German International Cooperation (GIC), these awards recognize global consumer electronics brands at the forefront of product technology innovation.

“Life is extraordinary”: the official launch of the COLMO air conditioner

The first award “IAQ Technology Innovation Gold Award” was awarded to COLMO KFR-35GW/CK1C-9 air conditioner, in recognition for its many breakthroughs in the field of air-conditioning technology.

The COLMO air conditioner seeks to embody the concept of “Life is extraordinary”, fusing exterior aesthetics with interior technical strengths and forming an “AI micro-ecosystem” at home. The air conditioner is equipped with:

  • A “Breezeless” mode that cools spaces without creating a perceptible breeze.
  • A fresh air system that brings in outdoor air through high static pressure technology and purifies it using a HEPA filter, maintaining uniform pressure through micro-positive pressure control.
  • A self-cleaning system that cleans the filter with a fine-bristled spinning brush.
  • The Angel Eye intelligent thermal sensing system, which detects body temperature and adjusts temperature settings, wind speed, and wind direction accordingly.

Aerospace core technology in daily life: the COLMO water heater makes its debut

The second award “Phase Change Energy Storage Technology Innovation Gold Award” was won by COLMO CFXH2050 water heater, in recognition of the product’s innovation in phase change energy storage.

Phase change materials (PCMs) change from solid to liquid when they absorb heat, and from liquid to solid when they release heat. They are used in outer space to protect astronauts and space shuttles.

COLMO is the first to successfully apply PCMs in water heater technology, using them to control over-current heating. Using PCMs eliminates the stagnant water and scale deposits that result from storing heated water as required by traditional water heaters. The COLMO water heater also features a slimmer body and energy-saving design.

“COLMO is committed to creating a new vision of everyday life through science and technology in the AI home appliances field,” said a COLMO representative. “Through our exploration and innovation, we aim to go beyond the basics, and surprise users with an unprecedented level of comfort in every COLMO product.”