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MillionaireMatch Revealed The Top 5 Icebreakers Ideas

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Whether online or off, starting a conversation with someone new, especially when there’s romance involved, can be an absolutely huge challenge. Facing this problem? No need to be concerned. Well-regarded members of the number one dating site for wealthy men and beautiful women, MillionaireMatch, recently revealed the top 5 icebreakers used on the platform. Pay attention, they are certainly exciting.

1. You’re pretty interesting.

Why don’t you send me a message? Quick and to the point, this is a valuable approach because the member knows that’s there’s legitimate interest coming from the other side.

2. Love your profile!

Let’s talk soon! This is a well balanced compliment not likely to label a person as creepy. Users praise this approach for its effectiveness.

3. Let’s get to know each other better!

Send me a message! This showcases that there’s interest beyond money, looks, or both. And showing that off a little can deliver very big rewards.

4. I like your profile, what do you think about mine?

Powerful, but be sure your profile is on point. When it is expect magic.

5. I’d love for us to get to know each other!

How about verifying your photo? While this may not be the most seductive approach, it can save a lot of time being wasted on people who are pretending to be someone else. Save yourself from that kind of embarrassment.

“MillionaireMatch members are really special,” commented Johnny Du, the Chief Operating Officer of MillionaireMatch. “It’s fantastic to see them lend their wisdom to others who want to do their best in the dating world, especially on our platform. Which is the best place to date millionaires, bar none.”

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