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MindTouch Knowledge Management Solution Helps 8×8 Lay Groundwork for Best-in-Class Self-Service

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MindTouch has helped 8×8 improve the customer experience, fuel self-service, and increase service and support efficiencies using its enterprise-grade, AI-powered knowledge management solution.

The benefits are a result of the MindTouch solution’s ease of integration, extensibility and Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) v6 Verification, which provides a methodology for knowledge management best practices.

“MindTouch was by far the most turnkey solution we looked at,” said Joel Sandi, 8×8’s senior manager, customer support operations. “It included pre-integration with Salesforce Service Cloud, it easily extended into internal and external systems, and it had built-in best practices along with the analytics we needed. The MindTouch team also offered expert consulting and implementation services. MindTouch just checked all the boxes.”

Especially important to 8×8 was the solution’s ability to fuel its customer self-service initiative.

“MindTouch was one of the few knowledge management vendors focused on customer self-service,” Sandi said. “Between its Google-optimized capabilities and KCS methodology, we’ve been able to quickly proliferate knowledge and make it available in ways that mirror an ideal self-service experience.”

Providing a consistent customer experience whether through self-service or agent-assistance was another important 8×8 goal.

“MindTouch was the only vendor that could provide a consistent experience to our customers by extending knowledge wherever needed, whether that was Google, our in-house FAQ database or our CRM system,” said Mohan Achar, 8×8’s vice president of global customer support. “This contrasted with other solutions that only talked to one application or could only stand behind or in front of a CRM system. MindTouch really flexes its arm to be anywhere we need so we can provide a single point of truth regardless of the customer touchpoint.”

Service and support efficiencies have also been realized as a result of 8×8’s MindTouch deployment.

“Our support engineers can now create, edit, flag, link and do so much more with knowledge all from within their Service Cloud interface where they live and breath,” Sandi said. “This makes their jobs easier and they’re more efficient because of it.”

“People used to hold on to knowledge because it was power,” Achar added. “But since deploying MindTouch, our entire team of support engineers—and anyone with permission—can now create and optimize knowledge to showcase what they know. It’s great because a few experts no longer have to be the go-to person who answers the same questions over and over. This frees up our engineers to learn new things and grow, which incents them to continue to share knowledge. The result is faster knowledge creation for greater ROI.”

Prior to deploying MindTouch, 8×8 was using an open-source content management system. As the company grew, however, the system became increasingly unmanageable.

“Open source is great for flexibility, but as we needed our system to integrate more and become customer-facing with greater visibility into performance, it just became too complex,” Sandi said.

The MindTouch roll-out concluded in just under two months. Today, more than 200 8×8 tech support engineers worldwide use the MindTouch platform to author and optimize knowledge.

8×8 uses MindTouch analytics to constantly improve knowledge creation and use, but equally important to ongoing improvement has been the vendor’s partnership approach.

“MindTouch has spent a lot of time understanding what we’re trying to do,” Sandi said. “When issues come up, they take equal time to listen and work things out. This kind of vested partnership approach lets me focus on my job instead of getting the technology to work. We really feel like we’re in this together so our success is their success.”

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MindTouch is a leading provider of enterprise-grade, AI-powered knowledge management solutions. Its knowledge management platform includes solutions for customer self-service, agent assistance and departmental knowledge. Focused on the customer experience, MindTouch is trusted by some of the largest global brands to extend knowledge when it’s needed, where it’s needed and how it’s needed. The result is faster, more consistent and more personalized customer service, along with increased productivity, improved operational efficiencies and reduced costs. MindTouch has received JMP Securities’ Hot 100 Software Companies Award, G2Crowd’s Best Software for Customer Service Award, and the TrustRadius Top Rated Customer Experience Management Platform Award. MindTouch serves more than 340 companies worldwide. It was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in San Diego, California. Visit MindTouch on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and the MindTouch Blog.

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