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MindTouch Wins ICMI’s Best Contact Center Trainer Award for Customer-Focused Knowledge Management Onboarding

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MindTouch, a leading provider of enterprise-grade, AI-powered knowledge
management solutions
for mid-size to large organizations, is
celebrating training manager Shelley Reyes for being honored by ICMI
with its Best
Contact Center Trainer Award

“Shelley is not just a winner for MindTouch and our customers,” said
Aaron Rice, CEO of MindTouch. “She’s an industry pioneer by helping
remove the perception that knowledge management onboarding has to be
lengthy and complex. She’s done this by maintaining a laser focus on
customer goals and self-service
, then delivering tailored training that optimizes our
solutions and speeds adoption for maximum ROI.”

Shelley’s success in helping trainees quickly achieve their unique goals
has garnered her an average customer satisfaction score of 4.8 out of 5.

“Of the MindTouch customers that have completed Shelley’s training, zero
have churned,” said Amy Etheridge, director of customer success for
MindTouch. “Equally impressive, 100 percent have seen a lower churn rate
of their own customers after deploying the self-service initiatives
she’s recommended.”

Shelley’s more than 10 years of training, technical support and customer
success management experience includes certification as a Knowledge-Centered
Service (KCS) v6 trainer
. KCS is a methodology for creating and
maintaining knowledge that enables service and support organizations to
deliver greater value with more efficiency.

“The KCS methodology is especially critical to organizations that want
to use knowledge to improve their self-service initiatives,” Etheridge
said. “Shelley’s KCS certification means she can uniquely help our
customers more quickly find ways to capture, use and reuse knowledge,
thus making it available to drive improved self-service experiences. The
result is increased ROI through lower customer service costs, increased
agent productivity and better customer retention.”

Shelley’s approach has also helped reduce agent attrition. “Shelley
empowers trainees with the skills needed to ease the burden of agents
having to search for and retrieve answers,” Etheridge said. “This makes
their jobs easier and sets them up for success, which positively impacts
morale and retention.”

MindTouch training services include one-on-one, group, remote and onsite
options, along with supplemental online video tutorials. Customers can
also get trained and certified on KCS.

Whatever the training format or tools customers require, Shelley remains
fiercely committed to a personalized approach that keeps it human.

“I have a passion for building relationships and helping people learn,”
Reyes said. “And I’m fortunate that my company believes in treating
customers as individuals. There’s no better feeling than being rewarded
for addressing people’s needs with actionable guidance so they’re
empowered to be heroes for their own companies.”

Shelley was honored with her award at the Global
Contact Center Awards Party
held May 14 during ICMI’s
Contact Center Expo
in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

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About ICMI

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About MindTouch

MindTouch is a leading provider of enterprise-grade, AI-powered knowledge
management solutions
for mid-size to large organizations. Its
knowledge management platform includes solutions for customer
, agent
and departmental
. Focused on the customer experience, MindTouch is trusted
by some of the largest global brands to extend knowledge when it’s
needed, where it’s needed and how it’s needed. The result is faster,
more consistent and more personalized customer service, along with
increased productivity, improved operational efficiencies and reduced
costs. The MindTouch platform was designed for rapid deployment and
integrates easily with CRM systems, contact center solutions,
communities and chatbots. MindTouch has received JMP Securities’ Hot 100
Software Companies Award, G2Crowd’s Best Software for Customer Service
Award, and the TrustRadius Top Rated Customer Experience Management
Platform Award. MindTouch serves more than 340 companies worldwide. It
was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in San Diego, California. Visit MindTouch
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