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Mining Changing Customer Preferences in the Dynamic Asian Fintech Market | Quantzig’s Customer Segmentation Analytics Success Story

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A premier data analytics and advisory firm, Quantzig, has announced the completion of its latest success story that highlights how a leading fintech industry player used customer segmentation and analytical insights to drive retention rates by 20% in the Asian market.

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Mining Changing Customer Preferences in the Dynamic Asian Fintech Market (Graphic: Business Wire)

Mining Changing Customer Preferences in the Dynamic Asian Fintech Market (Graphic: Business Wire)

This success story offers in-depth insights into Quantzig’s customer segmentation analytics capabilities and also sheds light on the importance of segmenting the customer base into cohorts based on their needs and requirements.

Quantzig’s customer segmentation analytics experts can help you leverage understand the patterns that differentiate your customers by collecting, structuring, analyzing data obtained from various sources. Request a FREE proposal to gain comprehensive insights into our offerings.

The Fintech industry is characterized by technological innovation and the dire need to improve process efficiency. The most significant opportunity presents itself in the fintech industry’s ability to disrupt the global financial services industry. As a result, major participants in the fintech industry are actively seeking new data-driven solutions to remain relevant by catering to the dynamic customer needs. Quantzig’s advanced analytics solutions harness the power of data clustering and natural language processing to instantly turn customer data into insights to dramatically improve customer retention and satisfaction across all channels.

The comprehensive portfolio of customer segmentation analytics solutions offered by us is a unique solution that combines sophisticated data clustering techniques and data mining to classify customers into diverse groups. What makes us unique is that our solutions empower businesses to build customized strategies to address customer related issues. By classifying customers based on their specific business objectives, our portfolio of customer segmentation analytics solutions helps businesses achieve far more accurate insights regarding customer preferences and help develop forward-looking perspectives.

Understanding the context, goals, and motivations of customers will help you to identify gaps in product features and opportunities for improvement. Talk to our analytics experts to learn how our cutting-edge customer analytics solutions can help you gain granular customer insights.

Quantzig’s customer segmentation analytics solutions offered benefits that helped the Fintech client to:

Gain a deeper understanding of customers’ preferences

Divide the customers into need-based and value-based segments

Maximize cross and up-selling opportunities

Extracting data-driven personas of their customers helped them achieve a 20% increase in customer retention rate.

Our customer segmentation analytics solutions enabled the client to discover the value of each segment and accordingly tailor marketing efforts.

With a detailed understanding of each customer segment, the client was able to drive customer retention through suitable cross-selling strategies.

According to Quantzig’s customer segmentation analytics experts, Machine learning-based dynamic customer segmentation processes combined with our domain-specific expertise results in an unparalleled degree of customer-centricity and unique value propositions.’

The ability to segment customers into value-based and needs-based segments is crucial to thriving in today’s competitive Fintech industry. Book a FREE solution demo to learn how we can help you bring out a clear differentiation in customer groups.

The customer segmentation analytics solutions offered predictive insights on:

  • Determining the profit potential of each customer segment
  • Leveraging analytics to offer intent-driven experiences and service recommendations
  • Request more information to gain experts recommendations on the role of clickstream analytics in your business.

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