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Minuteman Press Franchise Owners Rally to Help Stop the Spread of Coronavirus and Show Print Is Essential

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At the Minuteman Press franchise in Levittown, Long Island, business owner Michael Levy may never have imagined that his small business would be put to use to help in the fight against COVID-19, but that’s exactly how he is choosing to use it today. Michael has always been generous in spirit and in the value that he offers for superior design and printing to his local business and non-profit organizations, but when he realized he could help produce face shields for healthcare providers and ventilator parts for hospitals, he did not hesitate.

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Michael Levy, owner, Minuteman Press franchise, Levittown, Long Island, NY. Minuteman Press in Levittown is printing face shields, ventilator parts and other critical items for essential workers in the fight against Coronavirus. (Photo: Business Wire)

Michael Levy, owner, Minuteman Press franchise, Levittown, Long Island, NY. Minuteman Press in Levittown is printing face shields, ventilator parts and other critical items for essential workers in the fight against Coronavirus. (Photo: Business Wire)

Michael says, “I got a text from my sister on March 23rd with an article about a couple in Syracuse printing a face-shield to help protect providers. I looked into it immediately, contacted the journalist and explained that my Minuteman Press center has 3D printing technology and we wish to help. I obtained the files I needed to print most of all the needed parts, converted the files for our 3D technology, did a test run and it worked! I shared a photo of the shield we printed on Facebook and immediately, I got offers for materials to assemble them fully and make them comfortable. It is without question that we would do all we can at Minuteman Press to help both our health care and our communications industries right now.”

“I slept well that night, for the first time in a while. I worry about business doing well and that is what drives me. Since that has not changed, I made sure to put that feeling to work. I had a great day when I printed and assembled 15 face shields and delivered them to the hospital and to doctors who asked for them. Then, I got orders for 5,000 masks (8 separate orders). Then, I began working on selling 10,000 bottles of hand sanitizer to help as much as I possibly can until things return to normal. Now, we are doing ventilator parts as well.” – Michael Levy, Owner, Minuteman Press Levittown, NY

Michael is used to moving quickly as the printing industry is essential to critical infrastructure as well as time-sensitive industries such as health care and mailing services, so during this immediate crisis, he rapidly gathered his employees to assemble the face shields. His team gathered donated elastic bands and since Monday, the day after he discovered he could help, they have been at work producing tools for health care providers and others. They do this even as they remain at the sides of all of their clients at a moment’s notice.

Michael says, “We understand the fight and are armed with print technology to help both our client base and now, our heroes in medicine as well. I told every one of my employees that as a printing business we are essential in a special way right now and all of us will work tirelessly to serve that role.”

Today, Minuteman Press International has released a new infographic showing how print is essential across 12 critical industries. Michael adds, “Printing businesses are essential. We are providers to local businesses, municipalities, healthcare, shipping and mailing and to accurate fast communications so necessary today.”

While the face shields Michael and his staff are printing and assembling are not designed by medical teams, they are being requested by medical professionals and requests are mounting as quickly as he fulfills them. “I am getting calls from anesthesiologists, OB/GYNs, dental hygienists and other providers. All are saying they want them and do not have them readily available, so we are going to print them all day to accommodate this need. It isn’t a fast process so we have limits because 3D print technology is still growing, but we have it and we will not stop doing our part while the need is there. I went out and ordered, plastic sheets for the shield as well as tape and foam cushion to make wearing them feel softer. We are assembling them and printing more right now.”

Ventilator Parts & Hand Sanitizer Labels

Printing is an essential business and has always been, but never has it been more apparent during this temporary but delicate time for all people. It is Michael’s intention to use the full power of his printing business in a valiant effort to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus. He is now using his marketing services center to print ventilation parts as the result of another request for help. “Someone contacted me and sent me the file for ventilation parts and I told him I would test run it. As soon as we produced the requested face shields, we shifted our focus to those ventilation parts.”

Michael is also printing hand sanitizer labels to help fill high demand that his clients have for hand sanitizer at this time. “Two weeks ago, someone gave me a mini-hand sanitizer and there was only talk about perhaps not shaking hands while networking then, but I remembered. A day later, I did an email blast explaining we could print brands onto hand sanitizer and immediately got a great deal of orders, then they were sold out. Just now, vendors have replenished and I can offer this item if you reach out to us. Putting your brand on hand sanitizer may be an easy way to contribute to health and safety while making sure your business is remembered, especially when things return to normal.”

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