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Mitsubishi Electric Develops Compact AI Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Solution for Human-Machine Interfaces

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Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO:6503) announced today it has developed a compact knowledge representation and reasoning solution designed for deployment in embedded human-machine interfaces. Based on the company’s Maisart®* artificial intelligence (AI) technology, the new development enables edge devices to understand vague user commands through the extrapolation of missing information. It achieves this by means of a “knowledge graph” which integrates user information, device specification and functionality and external information, and will allow responsive and easy-to-use human-machine interfaces to be embedded in consumer products such as televisions and car navigation systems.

* Mitsubishi Electric’s AI creates the State-of-the- ART in technology

Key Features

1) Understands vague commands by deducing missing information using a knowledge graph

This new technology allows missing information in voice commands to be deduced by means of a knowledge graph. This is a database that expresses the relevance of information using three sets of components—subjects, predicates and objects—where user information, device specifications and functionality and external information are integrated.

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