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Mitsubishi Electric Unveils Its Group’s Environmental Sustainability Vision 2050

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Electric Corporation
(TOKYO:6503) unveiled today its Environmental
Sustainability Vision 2050 to clarify the company’s stance on addressing
long-term environmental issues and creating new value for a sustainable
future toward 2050.

Purpose of Environmental Sustainability Vision

Under its Environmental Vision 2021,* Mitsubishi Electric has been
carrying out initiatives to realize a low-carbon, recycling-based
society that functions in harmony with nature, reflecting Mitsubishi
Electric’s resolve to operate as a responsible, eco-minded corporate
citizen. Looking ahead to April 2021 and well beyond, the company’s new
Environmental Sustainability Vision 2050 positions environmental
protection as an even greater corporate priority and stipulates
increased initiatives toward this end. The vision establishes Mitsubishi
Electric’s future course for implementing key initiatives based on its
Environmental Declaration and Three Environmental Action Guidelines
toward 2050.

Environmental Declaration

“Protect the air, land, and water with our hearts and technologies to
sustain a better future for all.”

Three Environmental Action Guidelines

  1. The Mitsubishi Electric Group shall utilize diverse technological
    assets throughout wide-ranging business areas to solve various
    environmental issues, including climate change, resource recycling and
    harmony with nature across the entire value chain.
  2. Challenge to develop business innovations for future generations
    Mitsubishi Electric Group shall draw on internal and external
    strengths, combine them when required to resolve difficult issues, and
    take on the challenge of developing technologies and business
    innovations for future generations.
  3. Publicize and share new values and lifestyles
    The Mitsubishi
    Electric Group shall promote active dialogue, collaboration, and
    co-creation with many people and entities outside the Group,
    publicizing and sharing new values and lifestyles that will result in
    living comfortably, in harmony with nature.

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