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Mobile Labs Continues to Gain Traction in Banking and Financial Services with its Industry-Leading On-Premises Mobile Device Cloud GigaFox

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Mobile Labs, a leading provider of mobile device clouds to Global 2000 mobile developers and testers, continues to be the trusted partner of several large national and international banking and financial services brands in their mobile testing labs.

Mobile Labs recently expanded its footprint with several banks and financial institutions who signed multi-year renewal deals, thanks to the 2019 launch of its re-engineered mobile device clouds, GigaFox™ Silver and GigaFox™ Red. Both solutions offer security, speed and improved performance for mobile development and QA teams responsible for managing mission-critical banking and finance applications. By supporting both manual and automated testing, including built-in Appium®, GigaFox’s on-premises implementation adds an extra-layer of security behind the corporate firewall to protect sensitive, private information when testing.

“Today’s banks and financial institutions are tasked with providing innovative digital experiences for customers,” explained Mobile Labs President & CEO Dan McFall. “But innovation cannot come at the cost of security. By leveraging GigaFox on-premises, behind a corporate firewall, these brands are taking extra steps to protect against security breaches and other issues that may arise when handling this type of data.”

Mobile Labs’ GigaFox is currently the only on-premises device cloud of its kind, that offers real-time, fast access to a pool of real private devices that enterprise mobility teams can share when testing apps. “Thanks to the additional speed and performance of GigaFox, mobile development and QA teams can test all kinds of features for app users including direct deposit, chat and other support features to ensure that customers are always receiving the best digital experience when using the app,” stated McFall. “As we head into 2020, we have already had one large national bank join the Mobile Labs family due to GigaFox being available on-premises, which is something that very few providers in our space offer to mobile engineers.”

About Mobile Labs

Mobile Labs is the leading supplier of in-house mobile device testing labs to enterprise organizations. The company’s patented GigaFox™ controls the chaos of testing multiple apps across multiple platforms, operating systems and device types. Whether installed on-premises or in a hosted environment, teams have access to all devices for testing without experiencing latency and lag time regardless of geographical location. For more information please visit