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Mobilodge of Milpitas Joins the Sail Internet Service Community

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Sail Internet, Inc. announced expansion of its service coverage to Mobilodge of Milpitas, a manufactured home community. This coverage continues Sail’s mission to bring fiber-sourced, high-speed internet to underserved neighborhoods in the Bay Area where the “digital divide” further increases inequality.

Sail Internet Addressing the Digital Divide at Mobilodge of Milpitas, in San Jose.

Mobilodge of Milpitas is a senior mobile home community where most residents live on fixed incomes. For many years, residents have been struggling with subpar internet service and have been desperate for better internet as they watch large commercial building neighbors enjoy the benefits of fiber. Despite many attempts to address problems, the community has been saddled with outdated infrastructure and nothing has improved residents’ experience. Sail Internet delivered modern internet to the mobile home community and dramatically changed the landscape.

“Our internet service was very slow and resulted in persistent complaints. Now that Sail Internet has been installed in our park, quite a few residents are successfully using their services. I also use Sail Internet in our office and love the speed and dependability.”

— Greg Schuyler, Property Manager, Mobilodge of Milpitas

Sail delivered fiber-caliber internet using fixed wireless technology. Sail’s network can easily deliver 200Mbps downloads and 100Mbps uploads to mobile home communities that have historically been ignored by traditional ISPs.

Sail Internet CEO, Kevin Fisher says, “Residents will go from what they are experiencing today to amazing speeds in a flash. Their entire worlds will open up.”

Mobile home parks have historically fallen victim to the “digital divide” that affects so many marginalized communities. Residents in mobile home parks often have limited internet options and no high-speed options, not because they are harder to serve, but because the big internet providers didn’t think they were worth serving. Sail Internet believes everyone has the right to great, high-speed internet service.

Mobilodge of Milpitas joins many other mobile home parks enjoying Sail Internet’s no contract, no data cap, internet service. Among them are parks in the San Jose area: Pioneer Mobile Home Park, Friendly Village Mobile Home Park in Milpitas, Chateau Le Salle Mobile Home Park, California Hawaii Estates, Mountain Springs Mobile Home Park, Colonial Mobile Manor, and Mill Pond Mobile Home Park.

Individuals without access to high-speed internet can feel cut off from the ability to communicate with the rest of the world. High-speed internet truly increases the quality of life for those in mobile home communities who are traditionally ignored. Because Sail’s service is not throttled or capped, residents enjoy unlimited data to stream, work, or access information.

No longer a luxury, high-speed internet is a necessity. This is the “digital divide” that affects many marginalized communities. Sail Internet aims to bridge this divide by delivering reliable and consistent high-speed internet service to the underserved thus allowing them to shop, learn and gather vital information as needed.

About Sail Internet

Sail Internet creates choice in high-speed internet where the big names dominate and brings service where competitors don’t. With fiber at the core of everything we do, we deliver high-speed limitless internet to businesses, single-family homes, and multi-unit complexes in the San Francisco Bay area and San Diego area. Sail requires no contracts, has no data caps for customer use, and is net neutral. With speeds that exceed most ISPs’ basic packages, Sail Internet nonetheless offers competitive pricing.

Founded in 2015 by experts and innovators from the internet access industry, Sail Internet is led by Kevin Fisher, PhD, Stanford University, former Engineering VP at 2Wire and Ikanos and George Ginis, PhD, also from Stanford and ASSIA.