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Model Match Announces New Integration With Bonzo

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Model Match, the only talent management system (TMS) specifically designed for the mortgage industry, today announced a new integration feature with Bonzo, an automated sales engagement platform. The partnership combines Model Match’s flexible talent management system and Bonzo’s conversation platform, enabling Model Match users to connect with their prospects in a more personalized and efficient way by creating precise and targeted conversations at scale.

“We are excited to announce our partnership with Bonzo to develop this new recruitment conversation solution,” said Thomas Seelbinder, Head of Product and Customer Success at Model Match. “With Bonzo’s expertise in revolutionizing the way we start conversations and Model Match’s platform, which enables teams to elevate pipelines and reach new levels of efficiency and organization, this integration offers users an easily managed workflow to generate more opportunities, start conversations on the right foot and experience greater success overall in their talent acquisition efforts.”

According to a 2021 survey, the biggest technology demand for companies in 2021 is an end-to-end technology platform that takes care of the whole recruitment process. To meet this increasing demand, Model Match is increasing its automated recruitment offerings with the Bonzo partnership, which establishes a newly developed integrated solution by deploying touchpoints, activity-monitoring and reducing data entry for users. These features elevate recruiters’ ability to stay competitive in the market by offering a new and efficient way to create and manage conversations at scale with the best-matched prospects. Users can now combine the ability to effectively manage their recruitment pipeline and their outreach efforts in one central location without sacrificing functionality.

“Model Match and Bonzo’s technologies are revolutionizing the recruitment process to become more fun and efficient, while also making it less painful,” said Miles Miller, co-founder of Bonzo. “This integration is setting a new standard for the modern recruiter and making cold, untargeted email blasts into a thing of the past.”

By strengthening outreach via this integration, users can quickly build and maintain a competitive edge with a next-generation, hyper-focused recruitment style.

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About Model Match

Model Match is an award-winning, innovative platform that supports individual and team hiring goals in the mortgage and financial services industries. The Model Match recruiting solution incorporates processes, best practices and proven methodologies for sourcing, attracting, hiring, onboarding and retaining production talent. The platform enables its clients to efficiently and effectively manage infilling and strategic growth initiatives by leveraging their best resources, their managers, leaders and internal recruiting departments.

The company is headquartered in San Clemente, Calif.

About Bonzo

Bonzo is an automated sales engagement platform that seeks to make selling fun again by eliminating outreach and follow up for the modern salesperson. Bonzo combines the personality with automation in voicemail, text, email, and video messaging to create meaningful conversations at scale. The platform’s renowned “5-minute” rule allows its users to accomplish anything within the platform in under 5-minutes and get back to having more conversations with those that impact their business most. Bonzo’s core belief is that salespeople should spend more time creating conversations, and less time on the organization of data.