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Model Match Releases Update to Increase Efficiency of Recruiting in the Mortgage Industry

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Following a record-setting year, Model Match, the only talent management system (TMS) designed for the mortgage industry, released a major update that allows mortgage leaders and their teams to become more effective in their processes. With several new features such as a brand-new reporting dashboard and click-to-call ability, the software company continues to modernize and enhance recruiting procedures in the financial services industry.

“Our partners are becoming increasingly focused on not only bringing a higher level of organization to their pipelines but also providing their teams with the ability to be more effective and strategic in their daily actions,” said Thomas Seelbinder, Head of Customer Success & Product. “We are extremely excited to be able to continue bringing our partners the tools that allow them to deploy data-driven processes and strategies to help expand their footprints.”

The brand-new reporting dashboard allows users to analyze activity in real time, understand the value of their pipelines, forecast success and identify areas for improvement. Customers are able to analyze the most important actions taking place in the app, drill down into metrics and provide insights to their leadership teams. Meanwhile, the new click-to-call functionality creates a seamless process for teams focused on outbound calling. Teams can track the outcomes of their conversations as well as overall activity surrounding their outbound communication efforts. Available to all users as a part of the overall service offering, it contains a built-in workflow that allows users to quickly set reminders and tasks at the end of the call.

The new feature sets enable Model Match customers to elevate their ability to understand activity taking place across their pipeline and increase efficiency in the app—granting users the advantage of making accurate decisions faster than businesses utilizing traditional methods. With a philosophy of treating recruiting as an ongoing process and a focus on work-life balance, Model Match continues to innovate its product based on the needs and feedback of its customers.

About Model Match

Model Match is an award-winning, innovative platform that supports individual and team hiring goals in the mortgage and financial services industries. The Model Match recruiting solution incorporates processes, best practices and proven methodologies for sourcing, attracting, hiring, onboarding and retaining production talent. The platform enables its clients to efficiently and effectively manage infilling and strategic growth initiatives by leveraging their best resources, their managers, leaders and internal recruiting departments.

The company is headquartered in San Clemente, Calif.