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Model Match Set to Expand Platform to Other Markets After Record-breaking 2020 Production Numbers

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After ending 2020 with more than $10 billion in funded production volume and doubling its revenue from 2019, the financial services recruiting innovators at Model Match are looking back on a record-setting year as they look to expand their unparalleled software platform to new markets in 2021.

Founded in 2014, the company’s Software as a Service (SaaS) platform matches businesses with talent using algorithms, branch manager dashboards, key metrics for managing growth and opportunity relationship management, enabling companies to find the best candidates for their specific culture and value proposition. The platform is the industry’s easiest and most efficient way for Model Match’s partners to manage their growing candidate pipelines, organize candidates, collaborate on high-priority opportunities, track progress and store all activity in one central, collaborative space.

2020 saw the release of Model Match 2.0, which features an improved user experience (UI) and a host of other feature enhancements to the platform. As the industry’s only true technology solution for mortgage recruiting, Model Match continues to innovate its product based on the needs and feedback of its clients, to the tune of five straight months of record production volume.

“Model Match creates an environment that creates the opportunity for success,” said Jamie Brown, Southeastern regional manager for AmeriFirst Home Mortgage. “Other platforms simply deliver data and then disengage, but as a Model Match client, there’s service behind the data. It’s an end-to-end solution that provides continued support and laser-focused, targeted prospects.”

“Model Match’s number one goal is to provide companies and individuals with better work-life balance through enhanced efficiencies,” Model Match CEO Kirk Waldfogel said. “Our candidate relationships are typically looking for one of two things: the ability to do more business in the same amount of time or the ability to do the same amount of business in less time. We provide the environment for each. For our partners, the Model Match platform manages their growing pipeline and optimizes producer engagement. That doesn’t mean you never have to work hard, but at least you know you’re working smarter. That’s something that I’ve always done from a technology standpoint. In the case of Model Match, we applied those principles to streamline a business that was already successful to help it grow exponentially.”

Looking ahead to 2021, Model Match is planning to expand to other markets, especially external recruiting agencies, which could most directly benefit from the Model Match recruiting platform’s focus on work-life balance, as well as its philosophy of treating recruiting as an ongoing process rather than a single event. Ultimately, Model Match hopes to establish itself as a direct competitor to Salesforce, Microsoft and others as it relates to recruiting software and Talent Management Systems (TMS).

About Model Match

Model Match is an award-winning, innovative platform that supports individual and team hiring goals in the mortgage and financial services industries. The Model Match recruiting solution incorporates processes, best practices and proven methodologies for sourcing, attracting, hiring, onboarding and retaining production talent. The platform enables its clients to efficiently and effectively manage infilling and strategic growth initiatives by leveraging their best resources, their managers, leaders and internal recruiting departments.

The company is headquartered in San Clemente, Calif.