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Model No. Launches Collection of Sustainable and Custom Home Products and Furnishings Made from Food Waste

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Model No., the on-demand custom furnishings company, today announced the launch of their sustainable home furnishings line after over a year of perfecting the supply chain and manufacturing process, ethically sourcing materials and partners, and deploying its proprietary design process to deliver the ultimate upcycled collection.

Innovation in the furniture business has remained stagnant while consumer and environmental needs have changed. Model No. caters to today’s consumer’s desires for quality and accessible products that are responsibly-made. The company’s cutting-edge approach to producing furniture serves as the first home products model to prioritize technology, customer experience, design and environmental integrity within the furniture industry.

“Buying furniture from mass-market brands’ ‘one-size fits all’ approach is painful and fails to take into consideration the environmental needs of eco-conscious consumers,” said Phillip Raub, CEO of Model No. “By modernizing the design and manufacturing process, we provide consumers with tools to easily customize furniture on-demand in a matter of weeks using materials that are 100% renewable.”

The Commitment to Sustainability

Model No. was created to solve for the furniture industry’s current cumbersome pain points of mass production with little original design or customization ability, long delivery wait times and unsustainable manufacturing. The launch of Model No.’s innovative digital showroom allows consumers to fully customize items to fit their needs, from shape and color to size and budget, with the expectation of delivery of a few weeks. Additionally, through the adoption of 3D-printing technology using agricultural waste from corn husks, sugar cane and sugar beet as materials, Model No. minimizes carbon emissions and toxic byproducts, making the company’s home collection the largest eco-friendly furnishing offering for today’s conscious consumer.

The Collection

In response to consumers’ dynamic needs presented by the shift in lifestyles, Model No.’s agility to market demands resulted in a comprehensive collection of products for every room of the home such as dining suites, coffee and side tables, chaise lounges, office suites and home accessories. Each unique piece contains an individual model number and is designed to order based on the customer’s preferred customization.

Products within the collection appeal to the versatility of modern life and provide consumers with artfully crafted pieces to fit their style, budget and home such as:

  • Chic and ergonomic lounging options for living, bedroom or patio spaces

    • Model No. 221 Chaise (Starting at $1999)
  • Sleek and customizable WFH products with features such as a monitor shelf, discreet cord storage and executive pad

    • Model No. 700 Home Office Desk (Starting at $1299)
    • Model No. 404 Organizer (Starting at $35)
  • Tech-centric products with features such as wireless charging and discreet storage

    • Model No. 116 Coffee Table (Starting at $1299)
    • Model No. 117 Side Table (Starting at $429)
    • Model No. 400 Bins (Starting at $199)
  • Sustainable tables for socially-distant dining and modern kitchen and dining accessories

    • Model No. 110 Dining Table (Starting at $499)
    • Model No. 403 Vase (Starting at $39)
    • Model No. 413 Champagne Cooler (Starting at $79)

Developed by industry leaders with backgrounds in architecture, industrial and parametric design, who use the latest technology including digital fabrication, parametric, and generative design, Model No. captures a sophisticated modern aesthetic with pieces that evoke a timeless quality and marry form with function. With recent hires such as Lauren Dreeland, VP of Marketing, Model No. will continue to deliver and redefine the way that customers experience and purchase home furnishings.

About Model No.

Model No. is the first on-demand custom furnishings company driven by consumer needs and led by a devotion to technology, design and environmental responsibility. Our approach provides artfully crafted pieces that can be fully customized by consumers to fit their style, budget and home. Pieces are made domestically with sustainably sourced materials and produced using the latest eco-friendly automated tech including 3D printing. All items are created on-demand by consumers and delivered in a few weeks, eliminating long wait times and wasteful inventory.