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Modern Markets Initiative to Present First Annual Responsible Innovation Awards

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The Modern Markets Initiative (“MMI”), an education and advocacy organization devoted to the role of technological innovation in creating the world’s best financial markets, today announced the creation of the first annual “MMI Responsible Innovation Awards.”

The inaugural awards will recognize three individuals from the public and private sectors who have “shown a steady and demonstrated commitment to drive and promote responsible innovation that has helped make the U.S. financial markets the strongest in the world,” said Kirsten Wegner, chief executive officer of the Modern Markets Initiative.

Nominees for the award will be put forward by MMI’s industry advisory committee, made up of industry stakeholders, and members of the trading public. The criteria for the winning selections will be those who have:

  • Utilized or advocated for world-class technology for cheaper and more efficient trading
  • Demonstrated commitment to the importance of private and public partnerships and collaboration as a key component of sound regulation
  • Spoken out for thoughtful policies that keep the cost of trading low and not an impediment to liquidity or access
  • Advanced the goal of savings and a secure retirement for all Americans

“The U.S. financial markets are the envy of the world and a cornerstone of our economy,“ said Ms. Wegner. “Much of the success of our markets is the result of visionary individuals who have pushed for responsible innovation and technological advancement that have better allowed Americans to invest and save. MMI is honored to recognize some of these incredible individuals in its inaugural Responsible Innovation Awards.”

In addition to the MMI Advisory Board, members of the trading public can submit nominations through the MMI website at

About MMI

The Modern Markets Initiative (MMI) is an education and advocacy organization devoted to the role of technological innovation in creating the world’s best markets. It was founded in 2013 by leading, quantitative trading firms whose collective role in creating market efficiency contributes to a dramatic reduction in trading costs for investors. MMI engages and educates public audiences about the value modern market professionals provide to today’s electronic marketplace.