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ModusBox and Mountain State Software Solutions Officially Add DataSonnet to Apache Camel

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We are very happy to announce that Apache Camel has merged DataSonnet into its latest release, version 3.7. DataSonnet is an open source JSON-centric, template-based data transformation standard built to rival proprietary options available in the market. To accelerate the development process, ModusBox partnered with Mountain State Software Solutions (MS3) to complete the Apache Camel component.

“We built DataSonnet to be a high-quality, open source option for data transformation, helping customers avoid vendor lock-in for a critical aspect of integration and digital transformation,” said Kent Brown, CTO of ModusBox. “Adoption into Apache Camel, a mature, broadly-adopted open source integration framework, is a major step to fulfilling the vision and purpose of DataSonnet.”

“We are excited to have worked side by side with our partners over at ModusBox to create an amazing product that addresses so many data transformation needs,” said Aaron Weikle, CEO of MS3. “Our component inclusion into the Camel MainLine repository is a testament of the market’s need for quality software engineering delivered by both MS3 and ModusBox.”

If you would like to learn more about how DataSonnet enhances Apache Camel, check out the blog on DataSonnet’s website.

About DataSonnet

DataSonnet is a modern, JSON-centric, template-based open data transformation standard built to be portable. It works with ESBs, Java-based platforms, and as a standalone executable or microservice. And DataSonnet’s open source license eliminates vendor lock-in. Its suite of powerful data integration functions transforms data for EDI, APIs, microservices, and more. DataSonnet’s simple javascript-like syntax, strong typing to prevent subtle errors, and helpful error messages allow even occasional programmers to learn and build powerful transformations.

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About MS3

Mountain State Software Solutions (MS3) specializes in solution engineering and software integration for both commercial and federal customers. Our experienced consultants are proficient in the delivery of business-focused solutions and committed to building long-term and mutually beneficial relationships across client engagements and the community. We are a consultancy focused on business acceleration and as a leading provider of enterprise-ready mission-critical software, our solutions give globally distributed organizations the ability to meet today’s most complex integration challenges.

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About ModusBox

We build modern, open source software for financial institutions, government regulators, and others taking on the challenges of interoperability and financial inclusion. We help financial institutions connect to real-time payment networks like Zelle®, Mojaloop, and others. Our solutions enable financial institutions to achieve interoperability by integrating their core banking technology with other modern platforms, currencies, and protocols while simultaneously eliminating their dependency on core banking technology providers.

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