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Molex Encouraged by eSync Alliance Membership Growth

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a member of the board of the eSync alliance, is pleased to announce the
accelerating growth in membership. The alliance is in an industry-wide
initiative developing and promoting the technology needed for automotive
Over-the-Air (OTA) and in-vehicle networks, which reduce the cost of
software and firmware updates and recalls, and improve data services for
the connected car. Since forming in 2017, the group’s membership has
grown to now include Alpine, Excelfore, HELLA, Molex and ZF, and its
most recent member, Mobica.

“The eSync Alliance addresses a lack of standardization by promoting a
secure and open path for end-to-end OTA vehicle data transmission,” said
Mike Gardner, director advance technology market development, Molex.
“The eSync OTA System helps automakers significantly drive down the cost
of vehicle recalls by creating a bi-directional pipeline for updating
software, diagnostics, and data gathering from electronic components in
connected vehicles.”

“OTA solutions are beginning to reach beyond infotainment into other
aspects of an automobile’s functionality,” said Rick Kreifeldt,
Executive Director of the eSync Alliance. “Security and safety are
extremely important, and the industry is pushing for a standardized
solution. Molex and our other Alliance members understand this need. As
the leading industry association advancing OTA specifications, we
anticipate significant growth in the Alliance’s membership.”

“For many years, automotive technology companies have pursued a
proprietary approach to development. However, in today’s environment of
open-source development and shared standards, companies are increasingly
aware that large-scale adoption of their product or platform requires
shared standards and a more open development approach. This also applies
to OTA security, in which companies are looking for a robust developer
community to develop and support solutions,” Edward Sanchez, Senior
Analyst, Strategy Analytics.

“Being a member of the eSync Alliance allows us to further drive our
commitment in the development of an important standard that advances the
industry,” said Derek Forcher, Senior Vice President of Sales for North
America, Mobica. “We will apply our long automotive experience and
expertise in software to develop eSync-compliant best-of-breed OTA
solutions for our customers.”

The eSync Alliance recently reached a milestone with the release of
Version 1.0 of the eSync Compliance Specification. This helps members to
build upon the eSync system, and develop their own customized solutions
that they can deliver to Tier One suppliers. Automakers may choose to
develop or adapt proprietary cloud solutions to become eSync-compliant.

The open and agnostic eSync platform, based on original development work
by Excelfore, provides a secure server client architecture which is
agnostic to network and operating systems. This enables remote updates,
diagnostics, telematics, and data collection directly from end devices
in the vehicle. Using patented technology, the system optimizes
compression of OTA software updates, and minimizes airtime needed for

eSync OTA and diagnostic traffic is fully encrypted with bi-directional
authentication. The eSync OTA System scales from the smallest sensor to
head units to super computer autonomous driving systems.

About the eSync™ Alliance:

The eSync™ Alliance is an industry initiative to drive a multi-company
solution for over-the-air (OTA) updates and diagnostics data in the
automotive electronics space, potentially saving billions of dollars per
year for automakers. By working together in the Alliance, companies will
benefit from a simplified development environment made possible by a
standardized yet customizable open platform. The Alliance is based
around the eSync™ platform of cloud and embedded components, originally
developed by Excelfore, for providing a secure data pipeline to devices
within a vehicle. Further information at:

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