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Moltin Paves a New Path to eCommerce with Introduction of the Only Embeddable Cart Backed by Robust Headless Commerce APIs

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today announced the beta availability of Shopkit,
which enables brands and retailers to turn any website into an eCommerce
website with a single code snippet. The new Shopkit solution is for
anyone who needs to quickly and easily begin to sell physical and
digital goods on their existing website, and wants a partner they can
grow with once they’re ready for a full-fledged commerce experience.

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Organizations using traditional eCommerce platforms like Magento are
regularly confronted with rigid content capabilities that lead them to
use separate CMS platforms to launch content websites for blogs,
campaigns, events, brochureware, and more. As these sites begin to get
traction and traffic grows, the next logical step from a
business-standpoint is to monetize the traffic. However, connecting
these content sites back to Magento provides a fragmented user
experience, resulting in a lost revenue opportunity. The Shopkit
solution from Moltin makes it easy to overcome Magento limitations by
seamlessly embedding commerce into content sites and integrating Shopkit
back to the core Magento environment.

“We created Shopkit to empower anyone to embed commerce functionality
into an existing website and turn it into a transactional channel in a
matter of minutes, without needing any coding experience, and then be
able to seamlessly evolve to a more robust commerce experience when the
business is ready.” said Jamie Barton, Developer Advocate and Shopkit
creator at Moltin. “Moltin is used and loved by developers, and since
the new Shopkit solution is so easy to use, non-technical users will
love it, too.”

Shopkit is distinctly different from other embeddable cart offerings in
two important ways. First, Shopkit is backed by the powerful, simple,
and flexible Commerce APIs that Moltin provides on the backend, so your
commerce vision doesn’t just stop once you embed your first cart. As
your business evolves and you require a more robust commerce experience,
Moltin gives you the flexibility to scale and innovate beyond Shopkit,
without the hassle of migrating your data and business logic. Secondly,
other embeddable cart solutions are not truly embedded in the page. They
take your consumers away from the page they are on, or in some cases
take them to a completely different website in order to complete the
checkout process, which provides a disruptive experience for consumers.
Shopkit allows consumers to add to cart, checkout, and pay, all without
leaving the page they are on, resulting in less cart abandonment, happy
customers, and ultimately, increased conversion rates.

In addition to keeping consumers on-page at all times, Moltin focused on
the shopping experience with Shopkit by also empowering consumers to
save their login details for later, enabling faster checkout when they
return, the ability to look up previous orders, and manage their address
and payment details. These are core commerce capabilities that are not
possible with other providers like Snipcart and Shoppable, but that are
aspects of a commerce that consumers expect. With Shopkit, you don’t
have to trade the ability to get up-and-running quickly with a
sub-optimal consumer experience – you can have both.

How it works

The Shopkit solution makes it fast and easy for brands and retailers to
implement HTML ‘Add to Cart’ buttons, thereby seamlessly embedding a
Moltin-powered cart and checkout experience into their existing content
websites. This can be achieved in just 3 simple steps:

1. Create a Moltin account to get access to your client credentials.

2. Optionally, customize the HTML and JavaScript file according to your
needs (e.g. change branding, the checkout flow, colors, etc).

3. Embed the code into your existing website.

Shopkit also comes with a whole host of other powerful features to
further enhance your commerce experience:

  • Easy setup – provide your Moltin API keys and you’re ready to
    add a cart, checkout, and view previous orders.
  • Customer dashboard – allowing customers to login, view previous
    orders, and manage addresses.
  • Persistent carts – if your customer leaves your site, their
    cart will be stored for when they return.
  • Custom items – you can also sell products outside of the Moltin
    inventory by allowing custom items to be added to the cart.

Moltin Shopkit is currently available in beta. Once released into
General Availability in the coming weeks, you will be able to access it
via the APIs or within the Moltin dashboard. To get access to the beta
version and discuss implementing this into your own website, just
complete the form at
and a member of the team will be in touch.

About Moltin

Moltin enables brands and retailers to finally create the commerce
experiences they’ve always imagined. Moltin provides Headless Commerce
APIs that are designed with the flexibility and speed to give builders
what they want – complete control to build and deliver commerce their
way. Hundreds of the world’s most innovative brands and retailers use
Moltin to deliver the most innovative consumer experiences imaginable –
spanning projects such as modern commerce websites, self checkout, IoT
commerce, in-store kiosks, social media commerce, voice-enabled
commerce, and more. If you are a builder looking to innovate, deliver
ROI quickly, and you won’t settle for rigid, cookie-cutter commerce
experiences, then Moltin is the right partner for you. To learn more