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Monarch Medical Technologies Announces New Insulin-on-Board Adjustment for Subcutaneous Insulin Dosing

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Medical Technologies
, the leader in precision insulin dosing for
optimized inpatient glucose management, today announced U.S. Food and
Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) clearance of an additional feature of
Monarch EndoTool SubQ, an insulin-on-board (IOB) algorithm.

Monarch’s precision electronic glycemic management system, EndoTool
SubQ, recommends a personalized therapy regime for
basal-bolus-correction subcutaneous insulin. The company, which first
received FDA clearance for EndoTool SubQ in 2015, recently obtained an
additional clearance for an optional IOB calculation to mitigate the
risk of low glucose values as a result of residual rapid-acting insulin.

Insulin-on-board or residual insulin refers to the accumulation of
insulin activity from previous subcutaneous insulin injections that have
the potential of future insulin activity. The accumulation of insulin
activity will affect blood glucose levels and is often associated with a
hypoglycemia event.1

With the optional IOB algorithm, the calculation estimates the sum of
the remaining insulin activity from previously administered subcutaneous
insulin(s), and if appropriate reduces the prescribed correction dose.
The algorithm can also recommend a supplemental carbohydrate dose if

“Hypoglycemia is a frequent and costly occurrence in the acute-care
setting. Monarch’s solutions have been proven to substantially reduce
hypoglycemia while keeping patient’s blood glucose in target range
safely,” said Laurel Fuqua, RN, MSN, Executive VP and Chief Clinical
Officer of Monarch Medical Technologies “The addition of the IOB feature
is an enhancement that will further mitigate the risk of hypoglycemia
and improve both clinical outcomes for patients with diabetes or
stress-induced hyperglycemia, as well as lower costs for hospitals that
use the software solution.”

The solution with the additional algorithm is anticipated to be
available in late 2019.

1. Heise T, Luigi F. Meneghini LF. Insulin Stacking Versus
Therapeutic Accumulation: Understanding The Differences. Endocrine
Practice. 2014; 20: 75-78.

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