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Monotype Introduces Futura Now: The Definitive Version of the Family That Defined Modern Typography

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Monotype today announced Futura Now, a family of fonts that have been carefully designed to meet the changing needs of the 21st century.

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(Graphic: Business Wire)

(Graphic: Business Wire)

Consisting of 102 styles, as well as 5 variable fonts, Futura Now provides a contemporary and rational alignment of names and weights for a better user experience. With over 600 characters, including 72 entirely new family members, and support for 89 languages, it also makes the typeface useful to more people around the world.

One of the world’s most beloved and versatile typefaces, the Futura family has been used by countless brands and creative professionals since it was designed by Paul Renner more than 90 years ago. Futura has thrived since that time, being used in nearly every industry, from fashion, to manufacturing, to publishing. Futura has continued to find a fitting home thanks to its classical beauty and fundamental forms. The typeface was even famously used on a plaque left on the moon by NASA astronauts in 1969.

Still, recent versions of Futura have struggled to adapt to digital uses. With an awkward range of weights and problematic spacing, their family members are either too heavy, too light, too loose, or too tight. Futura Now recaptures the warmth, clarity, and rationality of Renner’s original designs and expands the family to meet today’s digital-first demands.

“Futura Now offers a new set of tools for designers looking to bolster their typographic playbook,” said Mark Davis, Independent Type Consultant; Art Director, Tronvig. “For digital environments, logotypes, and brand identities that want to imbue the timeless elegance of the bauhaus and deco styles, this collection of typefaces maintains the legacy of one of my favorite typefaces while giving it a well-deserved revival.”

Making Futura “modern” once again.

With 37 new styles, Futura Now organizes and makes cohesive 90 years of divergent development to breathe new life into the type family. Futura Now’s comfortable Text and judiciously-spaced Headline subfamilies provide instant refinement and feature new weights. Six additional subfamilies are also available, including new weights and styles for Script and Display; and new decorative variants: Outlines, Inlines, Shadows, and Stencil.

Unlimited styles in a tidy digital footprint.

The Futura Now family is available as a set of industry-standard OpenType fonts and is also the first Futura ever available in the cutting-edge Variable font format. This new font technology exponentially expands the number of weights, widths, and optical sizes of the family while miraculously reducing its digital footprint (and web load times).

“Futura Now will inspire creatives to explore new uses for one of their favorite designs – perhaps one of the first typefaces they ever learned about,” said Steve Matteson, Monotype’s Creative Type Director. “This family demonstrates how even timeless designs can benefit from contemporary refinement without disrupting the nature of the original.”

On October 7th, Monotype’s Creative Type Director, Charles Nix, will host a panel discussion with the team that designed Futura Now: Steve Matteson, Terrance Weinzierl, and Juan Villanueva. Register to learn the story behind the project, how it supports the 21st-century creative industry, and for best practices on how to use the extensive collection of fonts with confidence.

What creative professionals are saying about the Futura Now typeface

“Futura Now reinforces and advances what I’ve always loved about the typeface: its ability to evoke seriousness and playfulness all from one family.”

– Ash O’Brien, Partner, Two of Us.

“I think you’ve done a great job with this typeface, and having the various versions of Futura, from the display, to the stencil, to the script all in one package offers a very rich toolkit for a designer.”

– Stefanie Weigler & David Heasty, Founders, Triboro.

“This is just wonderful. Why oh why is Futura just so damn refreshing to look at?”

– Juan Carlos Pagan, Founding Partner & Executive Creative Director, Sunday Afternoon.

“Futura was so, so, so due for a treatment like this.”

– Armin Vit, Designer, Writer, Co-Founder of Under Consideration.

Pricing and Availability

Single weights of the Futura Now typeface are available for $49 or €55 each. The complete typeface family is available for $699 or €769.

The Futura Now typeface can be found in Mosaic®, Monotype’s cloud-based font discovery, collaboration and management solution.

The typeface can be licensed through at an introductory promotion of 75 percent off on the complete family through November 19th 2020. Futura Now Script Regular and Futura Now Headline Bold will be available as a free download from through November 19th 2020.

The Futura Now family, variable font and individual typefaces are also available with a variety of licensing options for customers through Monotype enterprise sales.

To learn more about the Futura Now typeface, visit the specimen page, or watch this video narrated by Steve Matteson.

To join the conversation about the Futura Now typeface on social media, search #MostFuturaEver on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.