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More Than Half of Arthritis Patients Have Tried Medical Marijuana or CBD Products

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On June 13, CreakyJoints®,
a Global
Healthy Living Foundation
patient community, will present a poster
at the Annual European Congress of Rheumatology (EULAR 2019) meeting in
Madrid, Spain. Two additional abstracts were accepted for publication.

The poster titled, “Patients’
Perceptions and Use of Medical Marijuana
,” found that more than
half (57.3%) of arthritis patients (N=1,059) have reported trying
marijuana (THC) and/or cannabidiol (CBD) products for a purpose they
perceived as medical. Of those who use THC regularly for medical reasons
62 percent reportedly use THC at least once daily. Among the most
commonly cited reasons for stopping use were illegality (31.2%) of THC
and cost (32.5%) of CBD. Despite those barriers, most participants who
tried THC or CBD said that it improved their symptoms (THC= 97.1%,
CBD=93.7%) and/or their condition (THC= 96.1%, CBD=93.1%). Pain and
sleep disturbance were the main symptoms participants sought to relieve
with these products and many used them in lieu of prescribed or
over-the-counter medications.

“Despite best efforts by rheumatologists and patients to find an
effective arthritis treatment and management strategy, there are still
many patients who seek additional relief for chronic symptoms,” stated
W. Benjamin Nowell, Ph.D., Director of Patient-Centered Research at
CreakyJoints and an ArthritisPower co-principal investigator and poster
author. “It’s alarming that so many arthritis patients use medical
marijuana and cannabidiol products in the absence of high quality
evidence about their safety, effectiveness, and appropriate dosing. This
underscores the urgent need to conduct randomized, controlled trials to
study their effectiveness at addressing symptoms common to arthritis as
well as their potential to interact with other medications. Moreover,
it’s concerning that patients may not be discussing their use of these
products to augment or replace other arthritis treatments with their
health care team.”

The survey found that only two-thirds (64.6%) of participants reported
telling their HCP about their THC or CBD use and of those more than half
did not receive any information from their healthcare provider about
safety, effectiveness or dosing, possibly because such little research
is available. Of those that did receive advice, most reported that their
HCP did not consider their use of THC or CBD when making other treatment
changes. Whether they had used THC or CBD for medical reasons or not,
most patients (THC=65.5%, CBD=55.6%) expressed wanting more information
about them, including on their effectiveness and interaction with other
medications from their health care provider or online educational

Utilizing the ArthritisPower® research registry, which now includes more
than 19,000 consented participants, the 77-item survey included 1,059
participants who were ≥ 19 years old, lived in the United States, and
reported physician-diagnosed rheumatoid or musculoskeletal disease. The
survey also required participants to report their current health status
(NIH PROMIS Global Health), use and perceptions of THC/CBD, and related
information needs. The complete survey results are available in the
poster, upon request.

Overview of CreakyJoints Data at EULAR 2019

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