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MOSSA On Demand Announces Apple Watch Integration

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MOSSA®, developers of group fitness programs that have inspired millions to move, announces the launch of a MOSSA On Demand Fitness Tracker for Apple Watch. With the MOSSA On Demand app on an Apple device, MOSSA users can track exercise statistics, work toward their goals and control the workouts with the touch of a button.

MOSSA On Demand offers unparalleled, professionally designed workouts that will not only get you fitter, but improve your Movement Health, which helps you become a better mover, be more resilient and feel better in your body. MOSSA On Demand’s integration with Apple Watch is yet another step in making Movement Health and exercise an engaging and enjoyable experience for people of all ages and fitness levels.

“Our lives and the way we exercise have shifted over the last year and a half. Movement is more important than ever, and as consumers have reconditioned themselves to function virtually and have more flexibility in their schedules, at-home workouts can play a key role in keeping us moving and feeling good in our bodies,” says Cathy Spencer-Browning, VP of Programming and Training, MOSSA. “By adding the gamification element to MOSSA On Demand, we aim to make the MOSSA workout experience even more engaging and support our users as they work toward their goals, whatever they may be.”

After an easy set-up, a MOSSA On Demand user’s Apple Watch will provide:

  • Health and Activity Monitor. View live heart rate, time elapsed and calories on your watch. Workouts also integrate with Apple’s Health App to track workouts, duration, calories burned, heart rate and active energy.
  • Instant Connection. During workout the health metrics are synced real-time to your video screen for easy viewing.
  • Accountability Partner and Daily Tracker. Apple Watch integrates with Apple’s Fitness App, and workouts continue to your daily move, stand and exercise goals.
  • Remote Control. Play, stop and rewind videos from your watch, without interrupting workouts.

MOSSA On Demand users can download the most recent MOSSA On Demand iOS App in the App Store to integrate with Apple Watch. MOSSA On Demand is available for just $9.99 per month, and new customers can sign up for a free trial at


MOSSA is the most respected and inclusive developer of M4 Programming, a proprietary formula of movement, music, momentum and metrics, designed for the home and club markets. MOSSA has a history that spans five decades of inspiring millions of people to Move as its business has touched every part of the fitness industry. From early roots in successful health club ownership to pioneering the step fitness movement, MOSSA naturally evolved into one of the world’s preeminent developers of professional group fitness programs for health clubs, gyms, and YMCAs. With its latest release of MOSSA On Demand, the fitness pioneer offers club quality workouts for the home or wherever consumers have room to move. More information is available at