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Moxe Enters into a Strategic Relationship with 3M to Enable Digital Exchange of Clinical Data

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Moxe, the clinical data clearinghouse simplifying healthcare operations through targeted exchange of health data, today announced it has entered into a strategic relationship with 3M Health Information Systems to offer Moxe’s data platform, including having its industry-leading Digital Release of Information (‘ROI’) solution available across 3M’s customer base of hospitals, physician groups, and health systems.

To reduce the complexity, inefficiency, and associated cost of manual data exchange processes, Moxe and 3M will focus initially on supporting the release of information for public and private payer requests, where data exchange supports risk adjustment, payment, HEDIS, and quality initiatives. For provider organizations and Health Information Management (HIM) professionals, responding to record requests from payers and other record requesters is a well-documented problem stemming from standard workflows that are time-consuming and labor intensive.

With recently finalized rules from CMS and the ONC accelerating an API-centric approach to data sharing, Moxe’s platform addresses the ever-evolving role HIM professionals play in the push to greater data interoperability.

For provider organizations, Moxe’s Digital ROI solution automates the evaluation of record requests, collection of required records, and secure delivery of minimum necessary data to greatly simplify the release of information workflow. Moxe’s all-digital solution offers a rapid turnaround on requests, a best-in-industry patient match rate, and a frictionless experience for health systems and payers.

“We are impressed by the immediate value Moxe’s Digital ROI solution brings to our customers through productivity and efficiency improvements,” said Elizabeth Guyton, vice president, 3M Health Information Systems. “By offering the Moxe platform, we can help our full client base automate Release of Information processes, allowing HIM professionals to focus on higher-value tasks. Our relationship with Moxe will also create opportunities to bring 3M’s value-based measures to our health plan clients, supporting their efforts to improve patient care and outcomes.”

Moxe’s platform simplifies the bi-directional exchange of clinical data between provider organizations and third-party partners, all from within the EHR—no portals, no paper, no manual inputs. By automating the release of information using these capabilities, health systems save administrative bandwidth, reduce hard costs, and increase turnaround time for record requests.

“We’re delighted with the opportunity to welcome 3M customers into our network of partners,” says Dan Wilson, founder and CEO of Moxe. “3M is a trusted vendor partner to hospitals and health systems. When we align ourselves with an ecosystem of innovative technology partners, we are able to amplify one another’s efforts and accelerate the data liquidity so many are working to realize. It’s all about enabling opportunities to improve the patient experience and system sustainability by reducing administrative complexity.”

Moxe’s Digital ROI solution will be available nationwide beginning this month to 3M customers through their 3M sales representative.

Based on nearly 40 years of health care industry experience, 3M Health Information Systems works with hospitals, health systems, physician practices, commercial payers and government agencies to improve quality and financial performance. 3M solutions are used by more than 5,000 U.S. hospitals and 300,000 physicians.

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Moxe leverages technology to improve and simplify the sharing of clinical information and critical insights between providers, payers, and patients. Through an affiliated network of more than 115,000 providers, Moxe solutions automate the bi-directional exchange of clinical data. Trusted by a fast-growing network of leading payers and more than 30 of the nation’s largest health systems, Moxe solutions streamline healthcare operations across areas including Release of Information, HCC Reconciliation, Risk Adjustment, and Care and Quality Management.