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Moz Launches Report Templates for Faster, More Simplified Reporting

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Moz, Inc., the leader in search engine optimization technology, today announced nine reporting templates available in Moz Pro’s Custom Reports. These time-saving templates are rooted in popular workflows within the Moz Pro app and help simplify reporting, giving users more relevant ways to disclose hard-earned growth for stakeholders.

The nine report templates are: Competitive Analysis Overview, Full Competitive Analysis, Campaign Overview, Link Analysis, Rankings Analysis, Ranking Opportunities, Full Site Audit, Quick Site Audit, and Search Visibility.

Each report helps illustrate the overall impact of SEO services, which is increasingly necessary as businesses invest and expect impactful results. A 2019 SEO Services Report found 44% of small business owners leave their current SEO provider largely due to dissatisfaction with business results, and 65% of the panel stated they’ve worked with several different SEO providers, 25% of which had worked with three or more.

“Fast, easy, high-quality reporting is critical to the success of the SEO role. With this update, we’ve created easy yet comprehensive reporting to replace the industry’s tedious, complicated, and highly manual process,” said Sarah Bird, CEO of Moz. “Not only do we believe marketers will be thrilled with the results, but SEO professionals and agencies now have a quick and high impact way to demonstrate the impact of their work.”

To support the implementation and reporting processes, Moz has also released the Mini Guide to SEO Reporting. This guide highlights and teaches relationship building with clients, tactics to effectively report on individual elements of SEO strategies, and best practices for bringing all value metrics together for overall ROI. This guide also pairs recommended templates to make reporting even easier.

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