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MRI-Simmons, Engagement Labs Partner to Help Brands, Agencies Harness the Power of Word-of-Mouth

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MRI-Simmons, the leading provider of insights on the American consumer,
today announced a partnership with Engagement Labs to reveal links
between in-person consumer conversations and specific media audiences,
segments, and product owner groups. The insights generated by this new
partnership allow marketers to activate their offline brand advocates
and influencers and “seed” new conversations based on key messaging.

The MRI/TotalSocial fusion combines Engagement Labs’ TotalSocial
platform – a proprietary database of offline social data – with MRI’s
Survey of the American Consumer® — the definitive, ongoing study of US
consumers that captures in-depth information on media choices,
attitudes, and consumption of products and services in nearly 600

By leveraging in-person discussions, the new MRI/TotalSocial fusion

  • agencies to plan media that are most likely to spark brand or
    category conversations
  • media owners to sell advertising based on the word-of-mouth
    influence of their properties
  • marketers to examine conversation trends among consumer
    segments, such as product owners and users

Clients can use the fusion to

  • identify demographic segments that are already talking about a brand
  • target media audiences that are more inclined to talk about a certain
  • encourage positive messages among talkers more likely to have
    word-of-mouth influence

“We are thrilled to be partnering with an innovative company such as
Engagement Labs in bringing the power of word-of-mouth into the media
mix,” said Maureen Doherty, Vice President for Partnerships at
MRI-Simmons. “As brands and agencies seek greater control over their
plans, and growing reach for their messages, this fusion makes
word-of-mouth not only relevant, but actionable. Together, these data
sets deliver a unique, real-world tool for unlocking a powerful – but
often unreachable – element of branding.”

“Our partnership with MRI allows us to collaborate with an industry
leader to create and take to market the first and only offering that
empowers marketers to direct their paid ad messages to those media and
target consumers that are best able to amplify their messages through
their real-world social networks,” said Ed Keller, CEO of Engagement

About MRI-Simmons

MRI-Simmons is the leading provider of insights on the American
consumer. With thousands of attitudinal and behavioral data
points, gathered through ongoing surveys and passive measurement,
MRI-Simmons empowers advertisers, agencies and media companies with
deeper insights into the “why” behind consumer behavior.

MRI-Simmons combines best-practice survey methodologies with an
innovative technology platform and advanced data visualizations. MRI’s
Survey of the American Consumer® is the industry standard for magazine
audience ratings. In parallel, the company has been at the forefront of
innovation, significantly accelerating the time to insights for brand
builders, strategists, planners and sales regardless of their data

Launched as a joint venture in 2019, MRI-Simmons is co-owned by GfK and
SymphonyAI Group, with GfK as the majority partner. To learn more, visit,
or follow @MRI-Simmons on Twitter.

About Engagement Labs

Engagement Labs (TSXV: EL) (OTCQB: ELBSF) is an industry-leading data
and analytics firm that provides social intelligence for Fortune 500
brands and companies. The Company’s TotalSocial® platform focuses on the
entire social ecosystem by combining powerful online (social media) and
offline (word-of-mouth) data with predictive analytics. Engagement Labs
has a proprietary ten-year database of unique brand, industry and
competitive intelligence, matched with its cutting-edge predictive
analytics that use machine learning and artificial intelligence to
reveal the social metrics that increase marketing ROI and top line
revenue for its diverse group of clients. To learn more visit /