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My Intelligent Machines Inc. Completes Google Accelerator for Startups’ Program Dedicated to Twelve Most Promising, Women-Led Startups

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My Intelligent Machines Inc. (“MIMs”) announced it has completed the three-month program created by Google to boost the digital and tech reach of twelve women-led startups established in the US and Canada.

Over 1,000 companies initially applied to the inaugural cohort in order to benefit from Google’s expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning. MIMs was one of the five selected applicants from Canada1 and the only Montreal-based startup. Google accelerator included weekly digital workshops, programming, and mentorship sessions to address top technical challenges faced by selected twelve women founders through pairing with experts from Google to help overcome those issues.

“Our three-month journey with Google tech teams has been a unique opportunity to refine our augmented intelligence approach, particularly on human-machine interaction and broaden our team’s expertise altogether”, stated Sarah Jenna, PhD, co-founder and CEO of My Intelligent Machines. “Not only did we improve our expertise and processes thanks to Google accelerator, but we also saved considerable time and resources through our direct interactions with world experts in their domain”, completed Dr. Jenna.

Today, MIMs is taking part in Demo Day, a unique opportunity led by Google to present the Company’s business model and competitive differentiation to a group of selected investors and key industry players, in order to pave the way for further growth.

About MIMs’ SaaS solutions

MIMs markets augmented intelligence systems packaged in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, dedicated to life scientists working in pharma and biotech companies. Whereas any conventional AI solution operates as a ‘black box’, My Intelligent Machines works in synergy with the scientific team, making accurate human biology simulations possible far before incurring significant costs and risks in late-stage clinical development. MIMs’ software allows for early-stage patients’ stratification and classification with a precision never reached before.

About MIMs

Montreal-based My Intelligent Machines (MIMs) is a leader in artificial intelligence and systems biology. MIMs provides pharmaceutical companies of all sizes with easy-to-implement and interactive augmented intelligence systems, allowing for accurate biological simulations at early drug development stage, to assist scientists in the development of precisely targeted and personalized therapies.