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MYPINPAD Achieves PCI SSC SPOC Approval for IOS Devices

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the global leader in secure personal authentication for
payment solutions, has achieved Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security
Standards Council certification for its iOS Software based PIN entry on
a Commercial off-the-shelf (SPoC) solution.

The UK based fintech company is amongst the world’s first to achieve
certification for its innovative PIN on Mobile solution (“MPP mPOS”), evaluated
by Brightsight. The solution enables everyday smartphones and
tablets to replace traditional Point of Sale terminals and PIN entry
mPOS devices.

MYPINPAD’s innovative SPoC solution is seen as a major enabler for the
predicted massive expansion in the number of payment acceptance devices
globally. The solution is easily integrated into 3rd party
applications and can be delivered ‘As-a-Service’.

The cost of hardware-based PIN pads is seen as a significant barrier to
global card acceptance adoption. MPP mPOS will enable even the smallest
of enterprises and those in under-served economies to accept card
payments, while also relieving merchants and larger retailers from the
burden of purchasing and maintaining large estates of traditional POS

Importantly, PIN entry is via a standard PIN pad image (not scrambled),
ensuring seamless customer adoption. The technology supports use by
people with visual impairment and people with other disabilities, which
is critical in certain markets, delivering the world’s first fully
inclusive solution.

Phil King, CEO and Chairman, MYPINPAD, said: “MYPINPAD has
been at the forefront of the thinking about and the development of PIN
on Mobile since 2012. We are proud to have achieved PCI SPoC
certification for IOS devices, featuring a standard non-scrambled PIN
pad that consumers trust and are familiar with. We look forward to
announcing the same for Android devices soon.

Since inception MYPINPAD’s commitment to this technology has been
unwavering. Our platform has been designed to make available Secure Card
Reader-based and contactless payment acceptance solutions, the latter
called MPP SoftPOS as a software only solution, with
attestation and with the pre-integration of our code inside every
payShield HSM. We look forward to being able to offer on a global basis
PCI SPoC certified MPP mPOS on all devices and scheme approved MPP
SoftPOS on Android devices in the new year.”

It is a pleasure to work with the creative and skilled MYPINPAD
team and help bring new and innovative payment solutions to market. We
look forward in continuing our partnership with MYPINPAD in the years to
.” says Rob van Marrewijk, Director Business Development
at Brightsight



MYPINPAD is a global leader in secure personal authentication for
payment solutions residing on commercially available smartphones and
tablets. Our proprietary and globally patented technology secures and
protects the input of sensitive information on touchscreens creating a
trusted environment. MYPINPAD’s innovative solution set removes the
reliance on specialised hardware for personal authentication; reduces
cost and complexity, promotes rapid adoption and leverages the connected
capabilities of smart devices.

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