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Nabd and United Nations Sign Partnership Agreement

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Nabd – the largest Arabic news aggregator – has signed a partnership agreement with the United Nations. The partnership empowers the United Nations to distribute its Arabic news to Nabd’s massive Arabic audience, globally.

“The United Nations welcomes the new partnership with Waveline Media, through which we can expand the reach of UN News articles, features, and interviews to users of the Nabd app,” said Hua Jiang, Director of DGC’s News and Media Division. “Our collaboration brings Arabic-language UN-related news to new audiences, providing up-to-date information on breaking developments and comprehensive updates on the work of the organization toward achieving its Sustainable Development Goals,” affirmed Ms. Jiang.

The partnership is part of Nabd’s ongoing strategy to strengthen its collaboration with international organizations and to diversify its curated content offerings. “We’re very pleased to execute this partnership with the UN. The collaboration falls under our commitment to support non-profit organizations in reaching Arabic readers with valuable content via our platform, and our desire to contribute to the UN’s mission of maintaining international peace and security,” said Mr. Abdur-Rahman El-Sayed, the Chief Executive Officer at Nabd.

Numerous international publishers and organizations have established strategic partnerships with Nabd, benefiting from the instantaneous advantages gained once their content is integrated into the platform. “In BBC Arabic, we consider our partnership with Nabd to be the most valuable and important of all our digital partnerships. This reflects the growing importance of news aggregators and the position of Nabd as a market leader. Our partnership with Nabd has enabled us to widen our reach and gain a new perspective of our audience needs,” says Mohamed Yehia, Head of Daily Output at BBC.

Worth mentioning, Nabd has steadily grown to become the primary source of referrals for key Middle Eastern publishers, overtaking Social Media and Search Engines, as a traffic referral source.

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