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Nacogdoches County Chooses Hart InterCivic’s Verity Voting System

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When Nacogdoches County officials decided to replace the voting system
they have used since 2005, they turned to longtime election partner Hart
to deliver the secure new Verity®

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The Verity Touch Writer ballot marking device provides true equality of access to all voters, with a ...

The Verity Touch Writer ballot marking device provides true equality of access to all voters, with adjustable video and audio settings, the ability to use adaptive devices that meet ADA standards and many other voter personalization options. (Photo: Business Wire)

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“We know Hart and trust the quality of the products and services they
deliver,” said Todd Stallings, Nacogdoches County Elections
Administrator. “With Hart, we know switching to the new system will have
minimum impact on voters, poll workers and our team.”

Most voters will find the process of casting their ballots to be
unchanged – they will mark their paper ballots by hand and drop them
into a secure ballot box, as in the past. Voters who use the new Verity
Touch Writer
accessible ballot marking device will experience a
difference. After marking their ballots on the easy-to-use,
ADA-compliant device, these voters will print their marked ballots and
drop them in the ballot box as other voters do.

“We’re happy to be moving to 100% paper,” Stallings said. “Now our
voters will be even more confident that their votes are counted

Nacogdoches County scans ballots at the elections office, and Verity
provides efficient, cost-effective management of the
process. “I like the on-screen ballot resolution,” Stallings said. “The
new system will help us get our work done more quickly. This means we
can get results out faster on Election Night.”

The decision to purchase Verity was not a hasty one. Nacogdoches County
had set aside funds for the purchase, and Hart had presented a public
demonstration of the system in 2017. Since that time, Stallings and his
team have fully vetted available options, asking vendors hundreds of

One often-overlooked factor in choosing a voting system provider is the
services offered. Stallings said, “Hart’s ballot production services are
outstanding. I have worked with that team on all stages of preparing for
our elections. I know Hart’s going to get our ballots right every time.
That’s one reason I wanted to stay with Hart. Your equipment can be
flashy, but if your ballots aren’t right, your election is in trouble.”

Nacogdoches County’s new equipment arrived June 4, and training begins
this week.

“We applaud Nacogdoches County’s move to Verity, and we are gratified to
continue our long partnership,” said Phillip Braithwaite, President and
CEO of Hart InterCivic, an Austin-based company with more than 100 years
of experience providing election solutions. “We know Verity will serve
the County and its voters well for many years.”

Braithwaite expects more Texas and national announcements soon.

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Austin-based Hart InterCivic is a full-service election solutions
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