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NAESCO Unveils Vision of Future of Smart Building Technology in Educational “Building-to-Grid” (B2G) Webinar

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The National Association of Energy Service Companies (NAESCO) recently released a comprehensive vision of the future of smart building technology, a rapidly growing sector of the energy savings performance market.

NAESCO’s new webinar, “Building-to-Grid: Industry Transformation for Flexible Integrated Value-Generated Resources,” produced in partnership with Navigant Research, a Guidehouse company, examines how smart building technology has become increasingly ubiquitous as innovative customer solutions for energy service companies (ESCOs) and the advancements ESCOs and other relevant stakeholders in the energy ecosystem can expect to see.

“The smart building market is undergoing a transformation, it’s entering an ‘Era of Innovation,’” said Timothy Unruh, Executive Director of NAESCO. “And this new period holds tremendous promise. We can expect to see artificial intelligence and related tools grow increasingly ubiquitous as users and investors grow more familiar with the value of these transformative innovations. And that’s exactly what we’re hoping to achieve with these workshops, webinars and other awareness-building efforts.”

Described at length in the webinar is the relationship between shifting customer expectations for ESCOs and the evolution of smart building technology. ESCOs can anticipate greater demand from their clients for more diverse value from their investments. These shifting expectations will translate into a higher demand for smart building technology that yields both energy efficiency advancements and improvements for business operations typically thought to be unrelated, such as brand management.

Smart building technologies that fit this description include real-time location services (RTLS), which can be incorporated by a range of organizations to improve both energy efficiency performance and service delivery. For example, by tracking the location of nurses, physicians and other staff, RTLS technology can support the efficiency and cost effectiveness of service delivery for healthcare providers. With the addition of these and other distributed energy resources, the facilities of ESCO customers are transformed into smart buildings.

“Smart building technologies, including RTLS, can transform facilities into true smart buildings, creating new platforms for generating value, or Building-to-Grid (B2G) assets, within the Energy Cloud ecosystem,” said Casey Talon, research director at Guidehouse.

The “Building-to-Grid” webinar is meant to provide a comprehensive overview of the automation and controls industry’s evolution, as well as a better understanding of the opportunities available to companies that successfully incorporate distributed energy resources. Find out more about Guidehouse’s B2G vision and download the free white paper here.


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