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NantHealth®, GE Healthcare, AirStrip and iProcedures Join Forces to Present at the HIMSS Asia Pacific 2019 Conference

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NantHealth, Inc. (NASDAQ: NH), a next-generation, evidence-based, personalized healthcare company, announced today it will be presenting with GE Healthcare, AirStrip and iProcedures, at the Interoperability Showcase at the HIMSS Asia Pacific 2019 conference, October 7 – 10 in Bangkok, Thailand.

The Interoperability Showcase will demonstrate how clinicians can spend less time on documentation and more time analyzing data in near real-time to improve patient outcomes. NantHealth is excited to demonstrate the conference theme of how to plan, implement and commit to creating quantifiable and sustainable value-based care for patients.

In addition, NantHealth will be unveiling new features to its Connected Care product line. Updates in the VCX 3.0 patient vitals software will help accelerate rounding workflow at the point of care to allow for automated vital signs capture and easy entry of other pertinent observations. Streamlining data validation and providing a touch-based interface to document vital signs data can help reduce patient overstays and facilitate faster decision making. In addition, VCX 3.0 software will now support “smart” patient vitals monitors such as the GE VC150. This new capability enables hospitals to integrate VCX 3.0 software with legacy vitals, monitors while simultaneously supporting their transition to next-generation vitals monitors. New features in the Shuttle cable will help improve data collection, efficiency and accuracy using a medical-grade serial-to-USB interface cable to streamline data flow.

The following companies will showcase how healthcare organizations can empower value creation through innovative, interoperable technology solutions:

  • GE Healthcare – throughout a patient’s surgery, an anesthesiologist is able to leverage advanced clinical tools, note normal trends and steady vital sign flow from GE Healthcare’s fully digital Aisys CS2 anesthesia machine, gas module and Carescape B650 patient monitor;
  • NantHealth – DCX will allow for vast amounts of data to be routed appropriately to any clinical end system with our partners from AirStrip and iProcedures. Updates in the VCX 3.0 software integrates medical device data into clinical records to reduce costly medical errors, increase provider satisfaction and improve care;
  • AirStrip – empowers connected healthcare through a mobile interoperability platform that enables care collaboration and health system innovation;
  • iProcedures – using the iPro Anesthesia mobile device, the anesthesiologist can review and acknowledge before ultimately saving the information to the patient’s EMR.

“NantHealth is honored to be one of the few companies invited to participate in the Interoperability Showcase,” said Wesley Madden, BSN, RN, Vice President of Connected Care, NantHealth. “Presenting with our long-standing partners, GE Healthcare, AirStrip and iProcedures, demonstrates our commitment to integration and innovation across hospitals and health systems by reducing clinician burden and increasing time for direct patient care.”

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