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NantHealth® Showcases DeviceConX™ Version 5.15 at Vitalis, Largest eHealth Event in Scandinavia

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Inc. (NASDAQ: NH), a leader in connected care solutions, showcases
DeviceConX™ Version 5.15 at Vitalis, one of the largest e-health events
in Scandinavia. NantHealth’s Connected Care solutions integrate medical
device data into clinical records which may lead to reduced length of
stay, less costly medical errors, greater provider satisfaction and
improved outcomes.

An extremely flexible software-based platform designed for complete
connectivity and interoperability, DeviceConX facilitates the capture of
patient data from any capable medical device. Leveraging a combination
of existing hardware investments—including bedside PCs, laptops,
tablets, workstations-on-wheels, and NantHealth’s HBox
hardware—DeviceConX can then deliver that medical device data to an EMR
or any other clinical system quickly and accurately.

The latest DeviceConX version 5.15 includes the ability to:

  • Support high-resolution, high-fidelity medical device data, including
    waveform capture
  • Push over-the-air (OTA) client upgrades and security patches to
    NantHealth HBox devices
  • Deliver powerful enterprise functionality for larger health systems,
    including support for networks that exist across time zones,
    role-based access limitations for larger support teams, and remote
    management of NantHealth HBox devices from the DeviceConX console

“The need for interoperability in health care technology has reached an
all-time high. We see it at the health IT conferences we attend and in
the ongoing dialogue we have with our customers,” explains Wes Madden,
BSN, RN, Vice President of Connected Care, NantHealth. “We are excited
about the innovative enhancements we’ve made to DeviceConX version 5.15
and look forward to having our European customers experience a more
streamlined workflow while reducing costly medical errors.”

About NantHealth

NantHealth, a member of the NantWorks ecosystem of companies, provides
leading solutions across the continuum of care for physicians, payers,
patients and biopharmaceutical organizations. NantHealth enables the use
of cutting-edge data and technology towards the goal of empowering
clinical decision support and improving patient outcomes. NantHealth’s
comprehensive product portfolio combines the latest technology in
molecular analysis (GPS Cancer® and Liquid GPS®),
payer/provider platforms that exchange information in near-real time
(NaviNet and Eviti), and connected care solutions that deliver Medical
Device Interoperability (MDI). NantHealth’s GPS Cancer®
molecular profiling provides comprehensive DNA & RNA tumor-normal
profiling combined with pharmacogenomics analysis. Liquid GPS®
provides non-invasive testing of cfDNA and cfRNA to monitor cancer
mutations and potentially select targeted therapies, chemotherapies, and
immunotherapies. For more information, please visit
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