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NASGO Joins World Leading Executives at The United Nations on June 4, 2019, at the Blockchain For Impact (BFI) 2nd Annual Global Summit

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As Blockchain technology becomes a growing phenomenon, Blockchain For
Impact (BFI) is presenting its 2nd annual global summit, an
invitation-only gathering of dignitaries, founders and practitioners at
the United Nations Plaza on June 4, 2019.

Last year’s inaugural event hosted more than 350 participants, as
curated technologies highlighted practical solutions for addressing the
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the Blockchain Commission for
Sustainable Development (established in the margins of the 72nd
Session of the UN General Assembly in 2017).

a fast-growing blockchain, will participate in the event with panel
discussion from cofounder Eric Tippetts on the ways tokenization is
making the power of the Blockchain available to individuals,
organizations and governments throughout the world, and will show
examples of the power of tokenization to support humanitarian and
philanthropy goals.

NASGO has created a humanitarian outreach program called NasGive:
Blockchain with a heart. NASGO’s cofounders wanted to create sustainable
social impact as code that becomes the very backbone of its blockchain
infrastructure. NasGive is funded via one delegate on the NASGO
blockchain that gets rewarded every 17 minutes with NSG tokens.

As another example, NASGO is assisting rising musical artist Jaafar
Jackson, son of Jermaine Jackson, and other leading musical artists in
the creation of uniquely branded digital tokens for connecting directly
with fans to increase engagement and promote VIP experiences. As this
mechanism re-aligns the traditional industry model, it produces and
conserves income for artists and creators, as well as creating a
transparent and open way to advance social causes with a portion of the
additional revenue the Blockchain helps to create.

“We have experienced tremendous growth since our participation in the
Media For Social Impact Summit (#MFSI2018) in September,” Tippetts said.
“We’re excited to continue our efforts forward in partnership with BFI,
in support of the Blockchain Commission, and share the progress of our
mission to make blockchain technology available and pervasive to
countries, industries, and humanitarian missions throughout the world.”

The NASGO NSG token premiered on the BitForex Exchange on January 19 of
this year and since its opening has experienced significant growth. More
than 800 organizations have now tokenized in the NASGO ecosystem, and
the platform is becoming the blockchain ecosystem of choice for
traditional organizations such as Dollar Store, which is adding
tokenization, gamification, and incentivized sharing capability for its
2,500 stores worldwide.

“We are excited to see NASGO leading the community in using the
technology they’ve developed to drive social change,” said Sergio
Fernandez de Cordova, Vice-Chairman of the Blockchain Commission for
Sustainable Development and host of the panel on which Tippetts will
speak. “As BFI progresses, the program will continue to celebrate the
pioneers and leaders who are using their technology and their reach to
drive SDG related impact to every part of the world.”

“The passion and vision of NASGO and other leaders of the Blockchain are
creating better technologies, greater transparency and stronger
abilities to provide outcomes and traction in our mutual quest for a
better world,” he remarked.

Through keynote addresses, interviews and case studies, #BFI2019 will
showcase the most innovative and successful initiatives the Blockchain
has brought about within the past year, as well as giving attendees a
glimpse at the progress coming in the remainder of 2019 and beyond. The
program will also provide a unique opportunity for leaders in the
Blockchain economy to network, to learn, and to forge partnerships and
initiatives for additional initiatives to leverage Blockchain technology
for good. The BFI Global Summit will provide a platform for participants
to join together in impacting the world through their respective

is the provider of a fast-growing blockchain ecosystem. NASGO was
launched in early 2018 by serial entrepreneurs Eric Tippetts and Stephen
Jiang, and markets tokenization services via the NASGO platform to
artists, influencers, small businesses and small-to-medium enterprises,
as well as retail chains, government entities and even sovereign
nations. NASGO is dedicated to advancing Blockchain utilization via
apps; AMICO and VAPR. The platform is striving to make digital currency
accessible and available to all, and to advance the use of the
blockchain to meet humanitarian, business and industry goals worldwide.
NASGO’s NSG token is available on

NASGO and the NASGO logo are copyrighted as the exclusive
intellectual property of NASGO.

About Blockchain for Impact:

Blockchain for Impact (BFI), is a collaborative convening, advocacy and
action platform designed to serve the growing community of conscious
leadership reflecting the full breadth of the global blockchain
ecosystem as it seeks to engage with leaders from the UN system.

BFI is a collaborative advocacy and action platform representing the
full breadth of the global blockchain ecosystem focused on bringing the
Blockchain community together to help solve many of the most pressing
issues of our day, building on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)
as a framework for the future of impact.

Members of Blockchain for Impact (BFI) are invited to participate in an
exciting series of impact-oriented events and task forces throughout the
year. Through the Commission, Blockchain for Impact members will engage
with the United Nations system on industry governance, regulatory
standards, and social impact projects, working closely with the UN
Departments, Funds, Programs, and Specialized Agencies, to apply
blockchain technology to sustainable development and humanitarian