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National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) Selects the ComplianceTech Suite™ of Products to Use for Credit Union Fair Lending Examinations

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ComplianceTech, McLean, VA, today announced that the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) has selected its web-based suite of specialized software products including LendingPatterns™, Fair Lending Magic™, Fair Servicing™, and HMDA Ready™ to complete onsite and offsite fair lending examinations and perform offsite monitoring of approximately 1,700 reporting credit unions under the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA).

“We are thrilled that the NCUA, as well as others in the regulatory community, has chosen ComplianceTech for it’s fair lending software needs. We are pleased we can help credit union examiners, through technology, to increase efficiency and better understand credit union lending behavior as it relates to compliance with the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA). I believe the whole credit union industry benefits from NCUA’s use of our technology driven approach to fair lending scoping and statistical analysis. Better technology reduces the chance of false positives unsupported by the data. I also believe the Pandemic has taught us, that with the right SaaS technology, incredibly detailed fair lending exams can effectively be done remotely,” said Michael Taliefero, Managing Director of ComplianceTech.

LendingPatterns™ is a web-based data mining and analytical tool that uses public and private Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) data to analyze loan applications for every lender required to report HMDA data. The company believes LendingPatterns’ uniqueness lies in the design of reports by industry experts to identify potential areas of fair lending opportunity and risk related to underwriting, pricing, and potential redlining. Fair Lending Magic™ (FLM) takes the deeper dive into fair lending risk analysis for mortgage, consumer, and small business lending. It quickly and efficiently conducts statistical evaluations that lead to effective mitigation of fair lending and other compliance risks using robust regression and other methods such as matched pair analysis, outlier studies and overrides/exceptions reports. Fair Lending Magic™ includes a geocode engine with robust proxy methodologies, including BISG, for application to non-mortgage loans. Fair Servicing™, extends the FLM platform to uncover potential ECOA/Fair Housing Act (FH Act) servicing risks that grow out of loss mitigation activities.

HMDA Ready™, recently added to the ComplianceTech Suite, is for preparing and submitting a HMDA loan application register (LAR). It can be used in HMDA scrubs/audits by regulators to investigate the integrity of the Compliance Management System (CMS) at the start of an exam. Lenders also benefit through HMDA data validation, industry benchmarking, and the identification of problematic data outliers before submission to regulatory authorities or self-monitoring analysis.

ComplianceTech, based in McLean, VA is a leading provider of fair lending (ECOA and FH Act) and Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) solutions to the federal government, lending institutions, law firms, community organizations and researchers. The company’s software products include LendingPatterns™, Fair Lending Magic™, Fair Servicing™, HMDA Ready™, and CRA Check™.

For more information, contact Dana Ginsburg at DanaGinsburg(at)compliancetech(dot)com or call her on 202-618-7079.