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National Jewish Health and Self Care Catalysts Partner to Advance Real World Evidence in Respiratory Care

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National Jewish Health will deploy Self Care Catalysts’ real world evidence research platform, Health StorylinesTM, to record and analyze physiological data and reported symptoms from severe asthma patients outside of the clinical setting, as part of the Real-time Asthma Care re-Engineered by Smartphones (RACES) Study. It will be led by Drs. Brian Modena, MD, MSC, and Eileen Wang, MD, MPH. Dr. Modena is a Board-Certified Allergist and NIH-supported researcher at NJH specializing in asthma medical care and research, and Dr. Wang is a Board-Certified Allergist and researcher at NJH specializing in asthma and allergy medical care.

This study utilizes the Health Storylines™ platform to connect patients to their specialists to improve asthma care by leveraging new machine learning algorithms that are used to autonomously produce personalized biofeedback, improving understanding of the physiological changes that occur in relation to asthma exacerbations, and help improve asthma.

The research data collected will complement NJH’s already extensive database of clinical real world data to help reach the goal of delivering high-quality, personalized medical care.

Dr. Modena states: “Severe asthma kills 11 patients every day in the US and costs tens of billions of dollars every year. The disease can be hard to manage because it is poorly understood on a day-to-day basis. We need a new way to understand this disease and its impact on patient’s daily lives without adding stress to resource-constrained medical systems and physician offices. The Health Storylines™ platform allows us continually and passively track patient experience to collect data deliver individualized insights to patients and care providers to help inform and improve medical decisions.”

CEO of Self Care Catalysts, Grace Castillo-Soyao, added, “Together with National Jewish Health, we are rewriting the rules on how care is delivered and ultimately improve health. Digital tools such as Health Storylines™ can enable better and more personalized health decision-making, complementing existing treatment regimens. Such is the promise around generating real world evidence.”

The Health Storylines™ platform is accessible and free for patients to use. Patient organizations, health care systems and providers, clinical researchers, and contract research organizations who are interested to access the platform to support patient care and research, are invited to visit for more information.

About National Jewish Health

National Jewish Health is the only facility in the world dedicated exclusively to groundbreaking medical research and treatment of patients with respiratory, cardiac, immune and related disorders. At their center they embrace the opportunity to deliver evidence-based, patient-centered care to those with complex respiratory diseases. National Jewish has a powerful research infrastructure overlaying their clinical enterprise that provides a curated clinical dataset with which they can interface real-world, patient-driven data points and outcomes.

About Self Care Catalysts Inc.

Self Care Catalysts is a patient-driven real-world evidence, analytics and digital therapeutics company deriving value from patient-centered real-world evidence designed to inform care management, treatment decisions, product life cycle management and behavior change interventions. More information may be obtained at and