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National Study Reveals Americans’ Sentiments on Public Safety and Impact of Law Enforcement Presence on Peace of Mind and Business Security

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RollKall, provider of the law enforcement industry’s only comprehensive online extra-duty management solution, today released a national survey that found that more than 75% of respondents are more likely to frequent public spaces when there are uniformed law enforcement officers present. The study further found that despite this high percentage, a large portion of Americans are not aware that law enforcement officers often take jobs, or “details,” at local businesses, entertainment venues and other facilities providing security when they are off-duty, outside of their on-duty responsibilities.

Business owners and employers, in particular, can benefit from further awareness of the $12 billion extra-duty industry. More than 60% of respondents who own or manage a business said they would consider hiring law-enforcement security officers at their business, but nearly 30% of the same respondents were unaware that it is even an option.

The study also sheds light on how employing off-duty officers for extra-duty details can play a significant role in making Americans feel safer in public spaces, which may also lead to fostering goodwill between local police officers and the communities they serve—both on and off duty.

“Almost half of the officers at many of our largest law enforcement agency partners work extra-duty jobs in their communities, so it’s very common knowledge among local officers, but this survey speaks to the greater need for awareness outside of law enforcement,” said Steven Power, president at RollKall. “People want to feel safe, especially now that we live in an environment perpetuated by COVID fears, as well as social or political scares. Our mission is to connect businesses with law enforcement agencies and officers by providing a more efficient way to better protect local businesses, employees and visitors in any public space, which ultimately results in greater peace of mind for all.”

Other highlights of the survey include:

  • Almost 40% of Americans are not aware that law enforcement officers provide security for local businesses and facilities when they are off duty, including retail stores, centers of worship, events, construction sites, and more.
  • More than 75% of respondents believe law enforcement officers are more effective at deterring crime than non-law enforcement security guards.
  • Nearly 90% of those who own or manage a business believe having security would help protect their business, and more than 75% of respondents are more likely to call attention to theft if onsite security is present.
  • At nearly 75%, active shooter situations and property damage were the top transgressions Americans feel law enforcement security should monitor and address.
  • The pandemic is still top-of-mind across the country, with 50% of respondents stating law enforcement security should enforce adherence to COVID safety measures.

RollKall’s study also revealed some surprising differences in extra-duty awareness and perceptions about public safety, based on age and gender, including:

  • More than 70% of all respondents expect crime to increase as a result of recent budget cuts to state and local government agencies, but nearly 90% of older Americans (60+) anticipate a rise in crime spurred by budget cuts.
  • More than 70% of Gen Z respondents believe it is uncommon for law enforcement officers to work extra-duty details, but nearly 60% of the same generation said that they would feel safer at work if their employer hired off-duty officers.
  • Despite this, Gen Z and Millennials are significantly more likely to consider hiring extra-duty law enforcement security than older Americans, with Gen Z in particular 30% more likely to employ or consider hiring extra-duty law enforcement officers than Americans over 60.
  • The presence of off-duty officers plays a significant role in women’s sense of safety, with more than 80% stating they would feel safer at work and approximately 75% stating they would be more likely to shop at a store or visit an entertainment venue with onsite security.

“The results of this study highlight that perceptions of safety continue to be highly influenced by the presence of police officers, especially in more vulnerable populations, such as younger generations and women,” said Tara Bryant, CCO at RollKall. “Between the need for metal detectors in schools, active shooter drills and the current need for myriad precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19, it’s clear that people simply want to feel and be safe—and RollKall is passionate about helping law enforcement agencies, officers, communities and businesses bring their ecosystems together with a comprehensive solution.”

The complete findings of the survey are available for download here.

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